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    Hardware Storage Bin 2019-04-16

    Cherry cabinet for screws, nails, and small hardware
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    Dovetail Joiners Mallet

    Beautiful design and execution. Novice question: Why the different wood dovetailed on one face of the mallet?
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    Dining table and chairs finished

    Very nice. Great design and execution. What finish did you use - it looks great.
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    Show me your shop stool

    Even though I have other stools that look better suited, I find myself using this one way more than any other. $15 with the perpetual $5 off $15 coupon.
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    Thin Rip Table Saw Jig

    I like that one Joe. It looks like magnets securing the jig tight against the fence? I may need to build one of those.
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    Finally motivated

    Very nice and very special. These type projects happen in their own time. The continued grain around the corners adds.
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    Porch Swing Completed

    Very nice. Just need a light breeze and a big glass of iced tea to put it to use.
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    Yes, But Is It Fine Woodworking?"

    I like that long gravel driveway, and the gateway is a great addition. It sounds like you enjoyed building, installing, and now having it. Life is fine.
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    QSWO Side Table Completed

    Beautiful table. Great work.
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    Jewelry boxes for donations

    And btw Bruce, even though Mike has gotten me to the adequate stage of sharpening, and I continue to improve with practice, I will gladly pay you at least double your auction price from above if you will sharpen some knives for me. I'll gladly drive them over and come pick them up. :)
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    Jewelry boxes for donations

    Thanks for the comments. I understand what you say wrt auctions. I made a nice box for a church several years ago after requests from a few people, and was guaranteed they would make it raise good money. I found out later they sold it for $35 - less than the cost of the pulls alone. I am not...
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    Jewelry boxes for donations

    I was able to spend enough time in the shop the past few days (between wiping sweat and drinking water) to get three jewelry boxes ready for final sanding and finishing, plus another three started. The ones getting close are QS Sycamore, American Chestnut, and Cherry. The Chestnut is boards...
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    Wonky counter top

    If you think cutting them off will let them lay flat again, yes. After that, rip the 4 edges that will glue together one more time. Make sure your middle board is upside down during this process ensuring supplemental angles at your glue joints just in case your saw blade is slightly off 90...
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    Wonky counter top

    Could you fix it by cutting the last two boards off through the glue joint and re-glue? It would cost you a bit of width, but for this application probably not critical. If you do, trim all edges that will see glue again (4 total) by ripping on the table saw, turning the middle board upside...
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    New member in Apex

    Thanks for the build process pictures. Always interesting to look at. I may call you if I ever need to borrow more clamps. ;)
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    Wonky counter top

    When you say 1/4" off in one corner, is it because an edge board is warped, or did you go overboard sanding at that corner when evening seams, or other? If one face is flat, I would make the off corner a back bottom corner and custom fit the standoff to make it level. Not sure this helps as...
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    New member in Apex

    Welcome Chris. Beautiful crib. I look forward to seeing pictures of more of your work.
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    Mid Century Modern Desk

    I also like the floating top and the contrast of the top shelf and drawer pulls. Very nice.
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    Antique BackSplash

    Looks like it was a fun project. Very well done.
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    Small trays (renamed)

    Re: Smal trays Great use of pieces. Those look really nice. And stovetop safe, I see. :)

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