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  1. Jim M.

    NCWW response to COVID-19

    Thanks Phil, these are tough times, but this decision is wise since we don't know what the next couple of weeks- months will bring. Maybe we'll make it a blow out celebration, getting all of the far corners of our group, like me, to make the trek down, up or over for a big group hug!
  2. Jim M.


    Hope you're seeing this Ethan, no need to reply, just know we're thinking of you and you're loved by many. J
  3. Jim M.

    Some Lighter Pixs

    Thanks for the pics, they lifted my spirits Oka! My wife and I love Hawaii, we go every other year mostly to Wailea or Ko Olina.
  4. Jim M.

    Newbie from Raleigh

    Welcome Dick, feel free to ask questions, start discussions and share your projects
  5. Jim M.

    A hasty desk for my better half

    Looks like a great start, Richard
  6. Jim M.

    Going big!

    I agree it looks like too, but WOW! that's a pretty bowl.
  7. Jim M.

    Getting back to my shop.

    Very nice, Jeff
  8. Jim M.


    There was a day where people were paid to think and cared about their more!
  9. Jim M.

    Bathroom remodel

    Beautiful renovation Fred, I love the contrast of the tile and African Mahogany.
  10. Jim M.

    Help with picking a finish for exterior use

    Take a look at Interlux Schooner. I did some dash blanks for a local guy who restores Triumph sports cars and used a product that a kayak builder on the Chesapeake recommended. He wanted a gloss finish and a rich color. They came out good, the finish layed flat and had a good shine...
  11. Jim M.

    New from New Bern

    Welcome Jay! It's a good bunch around here.
  12. Jim M.


    Welcome Larry, thanks for joining us.
  13. Jim M.

    Face frame wood

    I just helped make a few quick cabinets with a friend for his garage/shop last fall. We used marine ply boxes, poplar face frames and doors. They went together well, he painted them red, also he has OSB walls which were painted white, 3 coats I believe. All in all they ended up looking good...
  14. Jim M.

    Site Instability

    No sweat Ron, thanks for all you do.
  15. Jim M.

    Chaos or shoulda' had a SawStop

    Sorry about your finger, do beat yourself up to much, it can happen in a flash.
  16. Jim M.

    Rectangular cabinets curved wall!

    Outstanding build!
  17. Jim M.

    New Workbench

    Good looking bench, AD
  18. Jim M.

    Our scrollsaw club tries to have a challenge each month.

    Some pretty cool entries!
  19. Jim M.

    Natural Wonders

    Very pretty Berta, the grain is perfect for the subject matter.
  20. Jim M.

    An amateur builds a kitchen...

    Looks great so far George, that's a very cool project.

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