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    Sold Pinnacle 24" Precision Straight Edge $15.00

    Pinnacle SERX-24 24" Precision Steel Straight Edge In Excellent Condition
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    Sold Festool Parallel Guide Rail System $150.00

    Festool Parallel Guides for Guide Rail System plus Extensions in excellent condition.
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    Veritas Mk II Horning Guide $25.00 Sold

    Veritas Mark II horning Guide in excellent conditions.
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    Sold Oneway Multi Gauge $30.00

    Great for accurately setting jointer knives Oneway Multi Gauge make out of 1 1/4" thick cast iron Machined 90 degrees on 3 sides Great for exact height adjustment of jointer knifes, accurately positioning jointer fences and setting router bit heights etc. dial has 1" travel and measures in...
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    Sold Lock Miter Roter Bits with Jig - $70 (RALEIGH)

    Infinity Lock Miter Router Bits with Lock Miter Master Jig. Two router bits: 3/8 to 3/4 inch thick lumber 3/4 to 1 3/16 inch think lumber The Lock Miter Master Jig makes it a simple process to set up the lock miter router bits. Review the YouTube video at...
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    Sold Grex P640 23 Gauge Pin Nailer - $90.00

    Grex P650 23 gauge 2" Headless Pin Nailer Like new condition. Several size 23 gauge pin nails included. I'm downsizing and need to sell my woodworking equipment
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    Sold Jet Drum Sander Model 16-32 for Sale

    We are moving to an retirement community and I must sell my tools. This drum sander is in really good condition. The price is $400.00

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