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  1. Raymond

    Physics, Sculpture and WW'ing

    Found these two on YT today and thought everyone would enjoy these two videos. Enjoy!
  2. Raymond

    Clinker-built Boat (in pine)

    I found this interesting boat build on YouTube (no words, just music and a craftsman). Enjoy - it's about 48 minutes long.
  3. Raymond

    The American Chestnut

    I saw this interesting video on YouTube and thought some of you might like to see it. Hopefully, my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will get to see these majestic trees in their life time.
  4. Raymond

    New Scam Member

    I got a new conversation from member 'Mark Esper' with an advertisement for 16,000 woodworking plans - titled " Dear Woodworker, do you want to learn woodworking? or gain additional experience? " Can we get this member blocked?
  5. Raymond

    Grizzly Story

    Find this on YT and thought to share. Interesting history. Enjoy.
  6. Raymond

    Recycle Shipping Platforms

    Hello, everyone. For those of you who like to recycle dimensional lumber, my company (Robert Bosch Tools Corp.) is once again offering on a first-come-first-serve basis. We have accumulated and will continue to accumulate for several weeks to come new machinery shipped in from Europe. These...
  7. Raymond

    FWW Gallery Mention

    Congratulations to Robert LaPlaca ( has a block-and-shell chest recognized on page 73. A beautiful chest to see.
  8. Raymond

    Sliding Table for the Small Shop

    I found this video on YT and thought some of you might like to take a look at it. Definitely a different approach to having a sliding table for your saw. Enjoy the video it's about 10:30 minutes long.
  9. Raymond

    Pallet Wood Available

    Hello, everyone. My company has recently bought dozens of new machines from our suppliers in Europe. We now have a huge stack (9-10 high and 20 feet wide) of various pallets. None are your normal 4'x4' pallets - these are monsters. If any of you want to try and salvage some of this you will...
  10. Raymond

    Raleigh to Charlotte Metro Area

    I won two items in the recent auction and need to get them to the Charlotte-Metro Area. A slow speed grinder and a Wolverine Sharpening Guide kit. Let me know if you are coming this way and can assist. I can make arrangements to meet you along the way if you passing through.
  11. Raymond

    Plans Change Fast

    My first free weekend in months and the plan was to do do some holiday turnings. However, upon arriving home Friday evening, I discovered my mailbox busted to pieces laying on its side along-side my driveway. Apparently, the waste disposal driver decided my 19 year-old mailbox needed...
  12. Raymond

    Celtic Knot Bowl

    If you would like to see a celtic knot bowl made from start to finish, click the link below. About 14 minutes long.
  13. Raymond

    Bosch is Giving Away 2,000 FREAK 'N' CORE18V's

    Hey, Guys and Gals. I cannot participate in this but you all can. All you have to do: Just post a short video explaining why you need a whole new freak 'n' cordless platform, and you could win the Freak Impact Driver with a CORE18V battery. Just click on the link below and follow the rules...
  14. Raymond

    59-1/2" Band Saw Blades

    After 20 years of service, my benchtop band saw bit the dust. The Blade Tension Housing (pot metal) broke today and, of course, being a Delta that part is no longer available through I have searched for the past two days with no luck of finding that part. So if someone out...
  15. Raymond

    Delta Midi-Lathe Start Problem

    My 20+ year old Delta Midi-lathe is having starting issues. I turn it on and all I get is a low hum but, if I spin the handwheel it will start up and keep spinning as long as the power is left on. I think the start capacitor is shot and I am electrically challenged. Can any of you give me...
  16. Raymond

    2018 Spring Picnic Food & Beverages

    Started this thread to put in one list what is being brought to the picnic and to see that we have everything that would be needed or nice to have. NCWW BoD: 12 lbs of Beef Brisket and 8 lbs of Pork BBQ golfdad: Plates & Utensils Bill Clemmons: nanner puddin' Raymond: Deviled Eggs & creamy...
  17. Raymond

    Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw

    Hey, Gals and Guys. Check out this new saw!
  18. Raymond

    Want a Butcher Block Counter Top

    This is not for me but a co-worker. He is looking to buy five 8' sections by 26 inches wide by 2 inches thick. If you would like to quote him for this endeavor let me know and I will provide you with his contact info. EDIT: Maybe, I didn't make my original statement clear enough. My...
  19. Raymond

    Talk About Hand Made!

    I found this on YouTube and thought many on here would like to take a gander. His YouTube Channel
  20. Raymond

    Need to Get some Hand Tools from Charlotte to High Point

    I have a box of hand tools being donated to the tool chest build by Graywolf - see this thread: I can meet anyone coming /going through Charlotte, Lincolnton, Hichory, Huntersville, or Davidson going towards High Point. The box will...

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