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    Jewelry boxes for donations

    I was able to spend enough time in the shop the past few days (between wiping sweat and drinking water) to get three jewelry boxes ready for final sanding and finishing, plus another three started. The ones getting close are QS Sycamore, American Chestnut, and Cherry. The Chestnut is boards...
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    Simple cedar knife box

    Threw together a simple cedar box over the past two evenings for a carving set my brother had made handles for. Box is made of wood from the same tree as the handles. Simple box joints. First time for gluing up all 6 sides and then cutting off the top leaving a lip. Went with 1/4" diameter rare...
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    Hand tools on Craigslist

    Has anyone bought any tools from this seller in Burlington and can they comment? Or am I better off continuing to stop in Pittsboro for hand tools?
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    Scroll saw and band saw on Raleigh Craigslist

    Do these look like good deals? I responded my interest in the scroll saw, but wanted to ask for opinions.
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    oak end table build - update

    Update to . Completed two of the four end tables today. I learned a lot, including several things to do different next time. Any suggestions on my methods are welcome - I researched several how-to's on this and other sites, and made...
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    Happened upon a small scrapper plane

    I happened upon this Stanley scraper plane in bunch of hand tools I purchased a while back. Didn't know anything about it until recently when I looked it up. Still only know what I read.
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    oak end table build

    I had some red oak gathering dust, so decided to try and turn it into some mission style end tables. Designed the tables combining features from some pictures I liked. The parts (with exception of drawer bodies and bottom shelves) for four tables are cut out, mortise and tenons made, rough...
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    Bandsaw Blade Sharpening

    My father has a Norwood Industries Lumbermate 2000 sawmill, using silicon-steel 1.25"x144"x0.042" blades with a 7/8" tooth pitch. The person who had been sharpening the blades is taking an extended break. Can anybody recommend a place to get these blades sharpened? Thanks
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    Flower table for Church

    A simple 18x18x30 flower table I made for church to match the existing alter table and other furnishings. QSWO from Scott Smith with standard mortise and tenon joinery. Finish is multiple coats of Waterlox/ Danish Oil/ Waterlox/ Paste Wax (sequence kindly shared by Brian Geib). Deviated from the...
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    Where to buy very fine Scotch-Brite pads

    Does anyone know where I can buy very fine grit equivalent Scotch-Brite pads (S-VFN, S-SFN or 7447, 7448) to use between coats of finish? I found a good description of Scotch-Brite pads with grit and steel wool 'aught' equivalents at...
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    Knife Alignment Tool for Planer

    I have a Delta Model 22-540 thickness planer I bought off of a friend in AZ very cheap a few years ago, but he could not find the manual or knife setting tool. The planer has served my needs, but the knives are now dull. I took one out and discovered the other edge is sharp. I was curious if...
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    keepsake boxes

    Finished up a few more keepsake boxes (with wooden hinges and a Bible verse burnt into the inside lid) and a couple jewelry boxes. Most of the wood was "rescued" from firewood piles and old stacks of rough sawn boards that had seen better days. The chestnut is from a barn torn down in WV many...
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    Spray in felt

    I am building a few jewelry boxes and have no experience/knowledge about felting the inside of the drawers. I have seen references to spray in felt, but do not know where to get it or the quality of the product. Any input on felting (whether spray-in, spray adhesive then sheets, self-stick felt...
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    wood type confirmation

    I brought a few boards home from a barn torn down in WV. After telling the gentleman who owned the barn what type of wood I thought it was, he would only give me a few boards and wanted to hold on to the rest. Can anybody confirm the type of wood, and what a fair price would be for rough 1" barn...
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    Advice on finish for osage orange

    I am finishing up a keepsake box out of osage orange (hedgeapple) and wanted suggestions on the type of finish to preserve the yellow color as much as possible. From what I have read I am leaning toward a clear water based lacquer, but thought I would ask the experts. I have several short...
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    Hello from Apex

    Hi all, My name is Bruce and I have been enjoying the site since registering last week. I live near the Apex-Cary line and have a 24'x32' shop with over half dedicated to woodworking. I like coming up with my own project plans and then modifying them real time as I find pieces not fitting...

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