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  1. beloitdavisja

    Can someone tell me what this is from?

    Better make it scary-sharp! Reminds me of those hand plane competitions in Japan where you can find irons much wider than this.
  2. beloitdavisja

    Bored 7 Year Old

    You could build a mini trebuchet. I built one that can throw a racquetball about 15-20 feet.
  3. beloitdavisja

    New bandsaw - hurry up and wait.

    Already bought and paid for at Woodcraft (the Charlotte store, it online). I’m in the Charlotte store a lot, so a lot of the guys there know me. I don’t NEED it right now. Just antsy to get it setup. :-)
  4. beloitdavisja

    New bandsaw - hurry up and wait.

    I've been waiting on a Rikon sale to come around, and Woodcraft has a 15% off sale. I finally pulled the trigger last week on the Rikon 10-326 14" bandsaw. They didn't have any in stock at the store other than the floor model, so I opted to wait and have it shipped to the store. Unfortunately...
  5. beloitdavisja

    Belt Disc Sander

    I bought one of the Ridgid oscillating edge/belt spindle sanders a few months ago off of facebook marketplace and I highly recommend it. I don't use my disc/belt sander anymore after I got this (I had the WEN 6" disc 4x36" belt sander). The ridgid sanders usually go for 100-150 on CL or FB...
  6. beloitdavisja

    Going big!

    Wow that is big. Certainly looks like flaming box elder to me.
  7. beloitdavisja

    Dust collection on a radial arm saw

    I don't have any experience personally, but this video from Frank Howarth goes into detail on what he did for dust collection on his two RAS's. He has them side by side and used a single fence to connect them with dust collection. Seems to work very well. He made a lot of it using his CNC, but...
  8. beloitdavisja

    Help needed

    Like Ken mentioned, it would help greatly knowing what laser you have. I have a 50W CO2 laser (generic no brand name from china) and it uses RDWorks software, which is free. RDWorks is only compatible with certain lasers, based on what controller board it uses. There is a youtuber, Sarbar...
  9. beloitdavisja

    Grizzly Bandsaw

    Saw a banner in Woodcraft over the weekend for a 15% off Rikon sale coming up. Looks like I'll be getting my 10-326 on March 20th... :-D
  10. beloitdavisja

    Grizzly Bandsaw

    Excellent. Be sure to post a follow up after you get it.
  11. beloitdavisja

    Grizzly Bandsaw

    I've had my eye on the Rikon 10-326 for a while now, as I've heard many great things about them from others on here. Just waiting for one of the many Rikon 10% off sales to happen. Keep in mind the shipping costs as well. I'm guessing from the text you're looking at the highland woodworking...
  12. beloitdavisja

    Anyone currently have a Steel City 1.5hp Dust Collector

    Aha! I found my extra bags. They are 20” diameter by 40” tall bags, Platte River Engineering part #893-254
  13. beloitdavisja

    Anyone currently have a Steel City 1.5hp Dust Collector

    I have that dust collector (got it from a fellow NCWWer for free). The guy who gave it to me gave me some extra bags, but I can't find them anywhere. I use a separator so I don't replace the bags all that much. The one that's on there is made by Platte River Engineering (as were the extras). It...
  14. beloitdavisja

    Automatic dust collection

    Maybe @Jeremy Scuteri can chime in with his automation system. If I remember correctly from the shop tour, he built it himself and involves what amounts to a doorbell button at each tool to turn on the dust collector and route the blast gates to that tool. He's an electrical engineer, so it...
  15. beloitdavisja

    Nova Orion

    Very nice!
  16. beloitdavisja

    Another Flip Top Cart

    Building a flip cart was one of the most useful things I've made for my shop. I have a lunchbox planer & the ridgid sander on mine. I can flip it one handed if I need to. As long as both tools are in the same ballpark weight-wise, the counterbalance makes it easy to flip. Mine is slightly...
  17. beloitdavisja

    Nova Orion Lathe

    I know! Mine goes to 5000 as well. I can’t recall turning anything above 4000.
  18. beloitdavisja

    Nova Orion Lathe

    I had not heard of it yet. I have the Nova Galaxi. It looks like the Orion is priced similarly to the Galaxi, but with a few changes. It has a larger swing (18" vs 16" on the Galaxi), and the bed configuration is different. They put it on a stubbier frame (22.75" between centers vs 45" on the...
  19. beloitdavisja

    New to me 50W CO2 Laser

    Did a neat proof-of-concept. 8 layer mandala, 6" diameter. Painted each layer using alcohol inks, then glued together with CA. Got the design file from an Etsy seller.
  20. beloitdavisja

    New to me 50W CO2 Laser

    I had the good fortune of the previous owner teaching me a few things and showing me what settings she was using to run her stuff. Otherwise it would've been a lot of trial & error. Just call me Darth Sawdust. :D This is definitely a new beast compared to my old laser. I do plan on going to...

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