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  1. JohnnyR

    Jefferson book stand

    last time I was at Roy's school, he had one there.
  2. JohnnyR

    Newbie from Raleigh

    welcome Dick
  3. JohnnyR

    Counter Top

    buy two and join them
  4. JohnnyR

    Blind dovetails for a case

    Gorgeous Richard, perfect for all the gold I bought from what was left of my 401k
  5. JohnnyR

    Blind dovetails for a case

    Richard, when cutting the miters with the tenon, whats the trick in getting both sides even? I'm guessing first cuts diagonally cross-grain on the end but I'd be worried about tear out. Even with power tools and jigs I'd be worried about closing the gaps evenly on both sides. Your hand work is...
  6. JohnnyR


    BB Beyond Beautiful. The grain of the wood is perfect for the image, was it hard to find or did someone just throw a piece in your lap?:)
  7. JohnnyR

    Blind dovetails for a case

    While I love exposed dovetails they have their place and I don't think this case is it . Miter joints are the weakest joints and need reinforcement,usually a hidden spline or exposed cross spline or"fake" dovetail. Since this piece is for himself no need to expose the skill for others to...
  8. JohnnyR

    Blind dovetails for a case

    Thanks for the larger pics Richard. What's the red paint for? It looks like you left room on the bottom for expansion but I can't see (with these tired old eyes) if there's room in the dado for expansion - just checkn' - don't be too insulted.;)
  9. JohnnyR


    Welcome to the sawdust pile Lee.
  10. JohnnyR

    Blind dovetails for a case

    Using Firefox, kind of a pain to ctrl/+++ then --- the whole page rather than click on the pic. Also, some posts have multiple pictures that show as a slideshow and others that you have to click one by one. I like the option to just click and see it full screen. BTW, could you move this part of...
  11. JohnnyR

    Why are some pictures in threads full screen and some smaller that can't be zoomed?

    Be careful you don't hurt your parrot with that blade!
  12. JohnnyR

    Why are some pictures in threads full screen and some smaller that can't be zoomed?

    I've only uploaded pictures from my folders without issues so this question isn't for myself. I've seen threads with links to photos and pages with multiple photos that can't be zoomed. For example Graybeard's great photos in his latest post I wanted to zoom in but couldn't. And this is not a...
  13. JohnnyR

    Work Space for Hobby/Crafts

    good thing you've got that picture so you can remember what it's like after all the clutter it's inviting! looking good Don.
  14. JohnnyR

    WTB 12/4" poplar

    Dave, why not glue some 4/4? Save some $ while your at it.
  15. JohnnyR

    Refrigerator temperature issue

    replaced a control on a wine fridge with no problem with the aid of You Tube. You might have to tip it over but otherwise should be easy. Check it out on YT first.
  16. JohnnyR

    True Or False : A completely water submerged cutting board will not crack...

    I made a end grain board for my son (finished with oil/wax combo). About a 12" circle. He used it as a cake platter and put it in the fridge, not sure how long but found it cracked from the center and the edge was opened about 3/4" from the moisture of the cake. When I visited him a year later...
  17. JohnnyR

    Using different wood types together

    No problem using different woods. You'll have to be very careful lining up the sides to keep the woods aligned and you may end up with some 'pins' ends that are two toned. I'd glue up some scraps to see if you like it using box joints.
  18. JohnnyR

    New Workbench

    good looking bench, now you can be called an experienced woodworker.
  19. JohnnyR

    An amateur builds a kitchen...

    Looking good George. Two things on the TV cabinet, I would also put a vent on the underside of the electronics shelf and if you're planning on the TV hiding the pocket holes I would plug them or put veneer over them. I found out after building one of these a long time ago that when I had to...

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