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  1. Phil S

    NCWW response to COVID-19

    Troublesome, stressful times we are now living in. For obvious safety concerns, the annual spring picnic has been rescheduled to September 26 at the Seaforth shelter at Jordan Lake. The Board of Directors election and the Golden Mallet award winner will still be announced in mid-May but the...
  2. Phil S

    Band Saw - Minimax S45 - 18" Bandsaw - $600 (Charlotte, NoDa)

    That is a GREAT buy. Somebody needs to jump on this
  3. Phil S

    POSTPONED April 4 Sharpening Workshop

    I would like morning
  4. Phil S

    Call for Nominations

    Please consider running for a Board of Directors spot. You do not have to wait for somebody to nominate you, it is fine to throw in your own hat. New directors and new ideas are always critical for continued improvement
  5. Phil S

    Golden Mallet Nominations

    Skymaster won last year
  6. Phil S

    Getting protective masks to those who need them most.

    A good customer gave me 100 masks and they are now on the way to upstate NY
  7. Phil S

    Getting protective masks to those who need them most.

    Dan, I am here to help anyway I can.
  8. Phil S

    Getting protective masks to those who need them most.

    My daughter and her husband are both on the front lines up in Watertown, NY. Some worthless person stole all the mask the hospital had. I am sending all the N95 masks that I have God bless
  9. Phil S

    Counter Top

    If you can use a piece that is 28" x 72" I have some extra solid surface material - white with grey speckles. It is about 1/2" thick and doubled on the front edge. Cuts with standard tooling
  10. Phil S


    As a construction manager, when people ask what I do for a living I say I run an Adult Daycare. It can be sad
  11. Phil S

    2020 Raffle Prize - Grand Prize 3 of 3!

    I test drove this at the AAW show. It really need/want this.
  12. Phil S

    Help with picking a finish for exterior use

    I am a huge fan of Sikkens. I would use the Sikkens Cetol Marine. About $50 a quart and worth it
  13. Phil S

    Wood Finishes Explained - a must read

    There is an excellent tutorial on almost all types of finishes with the pros and cons of each. This article by Jeremy Finison can be found in the Learning section of our new website. Just press HOME on the forum (.net) site and you will be there. While there check out the rest...
  14. Phil S

    Work Space for Hobby/Crafts

    I will be watching your progress. I am designing a new great room which will include a craft center
  15. Phil S

    Looking for a spray finishing student

    OK both you guys are trainable. My house at 9:00 March 14, but we will be spraying in the driveway so we are weather dependent. We will be using an exhaust fan to deal with fumes. I have disposable mask or bring your own Thanks
  16. Phil S

    Looking for a spray finishing student

    The best way to learn how to spray finish is to do it over and over and it helps to have an instructor helping. I just happen to still have 60+ burial urns that need a coat of finish before transfer to storage They will be sprayed with Mohawk lacquer - probably a couple of gallons. Spray...
  17. Phil S

    POSTPONED April 4 Sharpening Workshop

    Please sign me up. I really want to get better at sharpening my v-gouges
  18. Phil S

    Lowes Savings Deal 15% Exp 2/29

    I am getting ready to redo a kitchen. A 15% discount on a Lowes card would be great I signed up and searched for the 15% off coupon but cannot find it. What am I missing.

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