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  1. dwg426

    Should I separate my shop to its own sub panel?

    H Everyone, I have a 30x60 building with its own 200 amp power that was upgraded from a 40 amp fuse panel. Lots of kids and grandkids. The front 25x30 area is pretty much a rec/party area. The power feed is in the front of the building in the rec area. Im getting ready to rewire the building...
  2. dwg426

    Shop electric and heat

    I recently purchased a home with a 30x60 shop. Planning on upgrading electric and heat. Curious what most people have for heat and amps.
  3. dwg426

    Cutting Board Finish

    Hi Everyone, I have read a lot about pros and cons of different finishs for cutting boards. Is any finish better or worse for brightness and appearence? I have used plain mineral oil on the half dozen or so cutting boareds I have made.
  4. dwg426

    Cutting Boards

    I just uploaded a picture of my first cutting board. It is maple and walnut. Size is 16x14x2, I used mineral oil for finish. I am planning on making a few more for wedding and Christmas gifts. I would like suggestions, tips and warnings for type of wood, design and finish. These will be intended...
  5. dwg426

    Using Table Top Drill Press

    Hi Guys, I am in the process of building two sets of bunkbeds. So I have a lot of holes to drill. I have a table top drill press and was wanting some advice on a couple things. 1. The best way to secure the drill press to the bench. I have plenty of bench and work table space made from 3/4...
  6. dwg426

    Adding Dust Collector

    I recently purchased a Woodtek 1 1/2 horse power dust collector. Would like input into leaving it mobile or installing ducting. If I install ducting type and size recommendations. My shop is 24 x 24. Any other tips or hints would be greatly appreciated.
  7. dwg426

    acquiring wood in Triad

    Hi Everyone, Wondering where Triad people get their wood. Mostly interested in Oak but would like to know where to get all kinds for furniture making. Thanks in advance. Doug
  8. dwg426

    Plans for Mission table needed

    Hi Everyone, Still kinda new to this site. I purchased Amish Royal Mission dining chairs at a consignment store. I have been trying to find plans for either a Royal Mission table or plain Mission table. Would apperciate any help someone could give me on finding a set....thanks in advance for...

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