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    Branding a cutting/charcuterie board... top or bottom?

    I'm looking to see how people who brand their cutting or charcuterie boards, do you brand it on the top (face) or on the bottom (back) side? I've been branding the back side but I like the look and started thinking it should go on the top. What do you do? Thanks. Red
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    Brushing Lacquer... do you have a favorite brush?

    I purchased a can of brushing lacquer to finish some cherry potpourri bowls. The directions say to use a natural bristle brush. I tried some and I'm not happy with how the lacquer flows off the brush. I even tried a foam brush with some pretty good results. Do you have a favorite natural bristle...
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    I broke a bandsaw blade today... that's a god thing.

    I broke my bandsaw blade today just cutting out some cherry rounds for some potpourri bowls I need to make. Once I got the new blade installed and finished the cut, I realized how dull my old blade was. The new blade cut through like butter and following the cut line was so much easier. So I'm...
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    RAS side tables complete.

    I finished building my side tables for the radial arm saw. I never had tables before always relied on roller stands or the router table to support my lumber.Very happy with how these turned out. Red
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    Picked up some of my old equipment 15 years later

    Long story short, I moved south from CT back in 2004. I sold all my woodworking equipment before moving... mostly to family. Two weeks ago while planning a quick trip to CT for other reasons I asked the family members if I could buy back certain pieces of equipment that I wanted. The Delta...
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    Remote control for dust collector

    A great addition to my workshop. I just purchase this dust collector remote control system for 220V and just want to pass along that it works great and is very convenient to have the remote hooked on my tool belt. Saves a lot of walking around to turn on/off the dust collector. I am using it...
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    Grizzly G0548ZP hose/inlet question.

    I have the Grizzly G0548ZP dust collector. Going into the unit it is 6" that has a 3 way 4" adaptor. My question is; Is there any harm in running it with two of the three inlets capped and use the third one going to whatever machine I'm using? Am I restricting the motor or is all well? I am...
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    Anyone have a Forrest saw blade sharpening coupon available?

    I purchased a brand new woodworker II saw blade. They used to come with discounted sharpening coupons... but it didn't. Anyone have a Forrest sharpening coupon they wouldn't mind mailing to me? I google searched looking for one and came up with nothing. Any assistance will be greatly...
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    Mineral oil on cutting board...does it ever stop seeping out?

    Hey All, Just like the title says, does the mineral oil ever stop seeping out everytime I touch the cutting board? I made six cutting boards using a mixture of kiln dried cherry and hard maple, finished them with one coat of mineral oil. Still a week later every time I touch them where my hand...
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    Big leaf maple ...what is a good finish?

    I have several pieces of big leaf maple that I'm looking to turn some bowls out of. Having never worked with this wood, what is a good finish for a bowl of big leaf maple? My blanks are 6x6x2 for the most part. Thanks for any suggestions. Red
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    Looking for an accurate stud finder

    With the new house and detached workshop nearing completion, I am looking for recommendations for a stud finder that really works. I will have lots of things to hang and install. If you have one that works please pass along brand and model number. Thanks in advance. Red
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    Have to sign in every time I visit

    Hey All, For some reason only with this site I have to sign in everytime I visit even though I click the remember me box. I'm not clearing the history or doing anything with my computer. Is there something going on? Thanks. Red
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    Pegboard workshop walls. Who has done this?

    I'm in the process of having a new workshop (and house) built. The workshop is a stand alone structure 26'x36' with 10' ceilings. The walls will be insulated. I'm considering what to cover the walls with. I'm liking the idea of pegboard. One advantage too is that I can easily pop off a...
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    Need help to ID this tree

    Can someone help me ID this tree. I'm thinking cherry but I'm not sure. As you can see in the first pic, the entire tree has these marks/growths on the bark. There are a handful of these same trees all with the same marks/growths. Thanks for any help. Red
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    Need ideas for new shop floor, ceiling and walls.

    Hey All, I will be starting a new house and workshop build in the very near future. I am looking to see what you did for flooring and what you did on your walls/ceiling in the workshop. Here is the plan so far; I am building a 26' x 36' shop with 10'+ ceiling height. It will be on a crawl...
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    Old hand tools...nice find for me.

    Here are some old hand tools that were given to me over the weekend. They were headed to the trash if I didn't take them. The owner was done with them and wanted them gone. All four are stamped with "J C Brown". I don't know if that is the company name or original owner. I haven't searched at...
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    Klingspor’s sandpaper bargain box for free.

    I finally was able to hit the Klingspor’s store in Hickory today and used my coupon for the free 5 pound bag of sandpaper. What a deal. You pick through this huge box loaded with small rolls to good size pieces of all types and grits of sandpaper. You fill your bag and that’s it. Great deal and...
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    Grizzly G0632 Is this a good all around lathe?

    I looking to get into turning. My wife keeps coming up with projects that are turned and I don't have a lathe to do them. I want to find a lathe that can do it "all" if there is such a machine. I want to be able to turn legs for my furniture projects, turn bowls and plates all the way down to...
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    Rubber Gloves… What kind do you use?

    I wear nitrile exam gloves when I clean up my equipment after spraying lacquer. It seems the lacquer thinner goes right through them (no holes) and my hands end up wet and burning from the thinner. I even tried wearing two gloves on one hand. I buy them in a box of 100 for $8.00 with free...
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    Mohawk Duracoat Pre Cat Lacquer. Need Spraying Tips/Comments Before I Spray

    I just picked up a gallon of Mohawk Duracoat pre cat lacquer (M610-24407) and a can of E-Z Vinyl Sealer. Anyone have any tips or comments to offer on this product before I go spray it later this week? These products were recommended to me at Klingspor’s in Hickoy. Great bunch of guy’s there. I...

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