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  1. Willemjm

    How often do you sharpen planer blades?

    After two kitchens, several pieces of furniture all from rough lumber, my conventional planer blades still appear to be going strong. It’s been a few years since I changed them. Really surprised, or maybe I have just forgotten how nice a new set leaves the finish. Normally touch up with a RO...
  2. Willemjm


    Perhaps I am the problem and expect abnormal things from people? Person who works for a big cabinet company for whom I do work if they have odd sizes or non-standard requests has 8 years service with the company. He takes orders from builders, customers, and supplies cabinets, coordinates the...
  3. Willemjm

    Need CNC help

    I need a clover pattern and a groove line cut in 1/4” Maple Ply MDF core for two doors before I glue-up as per pic below. Will pay.
  4. Willemjm

    Using exterior stain coating indoors

    Doing very fancy floating shelves in Maple with sanding up to 320. Big job for a big builder, this being his own home he is building. He specified an exterior Sherwin Williams stain, which is also the final coating, he used it on his front door. The guy builds 55 houses a year, so I figured he...
  5. Willemjm

    White cabinet doors.

    Shoot I thought white was el cheapo? A different ball game, I made a sample, but every little sanding scratch and plywood bump shows. Will have to go get some MDF core ply and fine tune my sanding practices. Anyone here do white doors, what am I missing?
  6. Willemjm

    Finish curing machine

    As my shop has full AC, I was going to give my little 240V heater away. But, just find a new application.:cool:
  7. Willemjm

    Vase number 2

    Well, the charity has their art list already in for print and I submitted a vase for $200, which now is price fixed. So the big vase is out of the question, had to make a new one smaller and less detail. Approximately 7 hours from start to finish, including glue drying times. 169 pieces. I...
  8. Willemjm

    Walnut figure

    I was going to do a white Maple inlay, but nature did better I think. I see an owl.
  9. Willemjm

    Charity Vase

    This little lathe has served me well for 14 years, as I am not really a turner, do mostly spindle work for furniture parts. But this time, this little lathe really took strain, thought it was going to walk out the door, LOL. Vase for a charity in Southern Pines, 13" diameter 26" high, wall...
  10. Willemjm

    Long counter top glue-up

    I have glued up countless boards, table tops, panels always with no issues, but this request scares me a little. Friend wants a counter top 14’ long glued up from two 12” wide 2” thick 14’ boards. These will be vertical grain Douglass Fir. The boards will be supplied dimensioned and straight...
  11. Willemjm

    How I made this is a mystery?

    Have you ever made something and can’t figure out how you did it? Made this vase some years ago and planning to do something similar. For the life of me I cannot figure out how I held it in the lathe? The base has a floating piece of Maple held in place by a segmented ring. There is no sign of...
  12. Willemjm

    Fast wine rack

    Cherry with a clear coat and Maple with white finish.
  13. Willemjm

    What happens when we are gone?

    None of the furniture in my home was purchased. About 1/2 built by me, the rest my father, grandfather, great grandfather and some pieces even further back. The kids these days live in the IKEA age, smaller houses and no place for all these pieces. Furniture is built in Asia, from plantation...
  14. Willemjm

    Knock down hardware

    Need to build a wine rack and ship it to West coast from East coast. The plan is to ship it in compact packaging unassembled for easy assembly by recipient. Anyone do assembly furniture and what is your favorite hardware?
  15. Willemjm

    Looking for Ambrosia Maple

    Looking for spindle blanks, 3 x 3 at least 13" long. Large quantity. Could also be similar spalted or figured lumber.
  16. Willemjm

    Leaf blower died

    My Husky died, come to find out motor is not getting any fuel. Taking it apart, found that the little polymer parts, (diaphragm in the carb, priming system) have perished. Then comes the decision to find the parts online, order them for an eight year old blower, wait for delivery, reinstall and...
  17. Willemjm

    Shipping cabinet doors

    Anyone here shipped doors before? How do you package them and who do you use as the carrier? Working on a quote for doors for a complete kitchen. I think I know how to do this safe and economically, but will appreciate input from those with experience.
  18. Willemjm

    Unexpected visitor checking my glue joints.

    He said it passes, provided I cured above 60F Any idea which ethnic group he belongs to?
  19. Willemjm

    Spice Grinders

    Eighty of them in around two weeks. Spalted Pecan, 2.75” x 10”
  20. Willemjm

    Lumber addiction

    Just can't help myself, might have to go for counselling. Just bought 1050 bf prime Cherry 4/4 select or better, which I don't need. Darn!

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