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  1. Willemjm

    Planing board w/ changing grain direction

    I purchased an extra plane iron, no need to replace the chip breaker.
  2. Willemjm

    How often do you sharpen planer blades?

    After two kitchens, several pieces of furniture all from rough lumber, my conventional planer blades still appear to be going strong. It’s been a few years since I changed them. Really surprised, or maybe I have just forgotten how nice a new set leaves the finish. Normally touch up with a RO...
  3. Willemjm

    Planing board w/ changing grain direction

    This what I do, but even steeper angles, front and back bevels.
  4. Willemjm


    Perhaps I am the problem and expect abnormal things from people? Person who works for a big cabinet company for whom I do work if they have odd sizes or non-standard requests has 8 years service with the company. He takes orders from builders, customers, and supplies cabinets, coordinates the...
  5. Willemjm

    Need CNC help

    Thanks Jack, will contact him if my hand attempt fails.
  6. Willemjm

    Need CNC help

    Thanks everyone for the great response!!! Think I will give this a shot by hand with a router, template and some hand work, trying a sample first. If I do not succeed, will reach out for help.
  7. Willemjm

    Need CNC help

    Thanks, that’s quite a drive for me. If anyone closer can do that with a laser it will also work. I have not made the doors yet, and they will be painted once done.
  8. Willemjm

    Need CNC help

    I need a clover pattern and a groove line cut in 1/4” Maple Ply MDF core for two doors before I glue-up as per pic below. Will pay.
  9. Willemjm

    Using exterior stain coating indoors

    The builder was very pleased with his expensive floating shelves, and a deck/siding finish. But, remind me never to try that again. I can get the same look with a flat conversion varnish and Transtint in a fraction of the time this took.
  10. Willemjm

    Using exterior stain coating indoors

    Doing very fancy floating shelves in Maple with sanding up to 320. Big job for a big builder, this being his own home he is building. He specified an exterior Sherwin Williams stain, which is also the final coating, he used it on his front door. The guy builds 55 houses a year, so I figured he...
  11. Willemjm

    Do you use a biscuit joiner and if so, for what?

    I have one, last time I used it must be more than 10 years ago.
  12. Willemjm

    Looking for a spray finishing student

    Lenmar, Megavar. For the Devilbiss FL 4, dilute 40% with Lenmar Lacquer thinner and add 5-10% Lenmar retarder. Sprays like a dream, can touch in 15 minutes, sand the first coat in 30 minutes, add two coats within the next 30 minutes and done, You need a catalyzer as well, can spray in any temp...
  13. Willemjm

    Looking for a spray finishing student

    Phil, I have switched to conversion varnish, took me a while to get it dialed in, but as far as durability and time saving hard to beat. Has to cure at 68F or higher though.
  14. Willemjm

    Jointer then Planer or vice versa?

    It’s against all the rules. First you have to learn how to flatten a board within 0.001” with a hand plane, then you may purchase a jointer to save some time.;)
  15. Willemjm

    Wood Release?

    What wood? It was all hauled away wasn’t it? The piece which fell off the truck remains ownerless.
  16. Willemjm

    Repairing a Bent Table Saw Top

    You would need a shop with a hydraulic press and a surface grinder. With shop rates these days, might be cheaper to explore another auction.
  17. Willemjm

    Power Feeder Mounting/Install

    Nice job Jeremy! Interesting there are no rules for which side of the shaper the power feeder should be mounted. Mine is mounted on the left side on both my shapers. I use two feather boards to keep things against the fence.
  18. Willemjm

    White cabinet doors.

    I got mdf core maple ply today, problem solved, beautiful stuff.
  19. Willemjm

    Finish curing machine

    Nope, only the AC filters. No problems though, using fast dry finishes, but to cure hard they take a bit of time. My shop is clean when I spray.

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