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  1. Raymond

    To Insulate or not to Insulate

    Susan, have you looked into insulating with closed cell foam? Not too sure about the cost for that size of a building but it is something to think about.
  2. Raymond

    To Insulate or not to Insulate

    Yes, do insulate - it will pay for itself in your comfort. Now the decision is which insulation you want to install (or have installed) - that is the biggest decision of all.
  3. Raymond

    A hasty desk for my better half

    Great WIP photos, Richard. I was going to congratulate you on levitating saws until you showed photos of you actually holding them. :D
  4. Raymond

    My first segmented turning

    Very good, Boomer! A suggestion, if you don't mind - use more weight or a tighter clamps when you glue your rings together - that will help eliminate the glue line shown in the second photo.
  5. Raymond

    Shop Apron

    I don't wear an apron but I do wear a turners' smock and that works out just fine for me.
  6. Raymond

    Going big!

    Can't say if it is boxelder but it sure will be pretty when you are through with it!
  7. Raymond


    One of my favorite sayings: "A man who does not think for himself does not think at all." Oscar Wilde. I keep this in mind when I have to deal with service managers and stubborn people.
  8. Raymond

    Moving to Matthews

    Welcome aboard, Chuck. There are quite a few members close to Matthews so you won't be lonely.
  9. Raymond

    New from New Bern

    Welcome aboard, Jay! Plenty of turners on here.
  10. Raymond

    Band saw guidance please.

    You don't say what size of band saw you are using that 1/4" blade on - is it a benchtop style band saw (70-1/2" blade length) ? If so, it could be you are putting too much pressure on the work piece by pushing more than the blade can cut. Those small blades will cut a lot of wood but you...
  11. Raymond

    Playing around with pyrography on turned pieces.

    Nicely done, Karl!
  12. Raymond

    Lufkin No. 48

    Very nice score!
  13. Raymond

    Upson Nut Company No. 61

    Nice score, Richo!
  14. Raymond


    Welcome aboard, Lee. You have come to the right web site.
  15. Raymond

    New to the Sunny Scrollers group

    Welcome aboard, Steve. You will find plenty of scrollers on here!
  16. Raymond

    Need some simple toy ideas for kids

    Bill, my suggestion of "Making Toys that Teach by Les Neufeld - ISNB# 1-56158-606-4 (2003) " meets the criteria you stated. The majority of the toys in this book can be batched produced.
  17. Raymond

    Facial Hair and Respirators

    There are the Trend Airshield and Airshield Pro style respirators also!
  18. Raymond

    Natural Wonders

    Very nice, Berta. Did you use anything to stabilize the walnut prior to scrolling?

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