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  1. zapdafish

    Fibonacci Gauge?

    i think if you sketch or plan stuff out you naturally follow this ratio and tweak things till they "feel" right. As they say its built into nature and so are you, lol. I usually semi design on graph paper so don't really need exact measurements and things work out.
  2. zapdafish

    Marriage marks

    from someone who isn't married I wondered where this post would lead too, lol. took abit to figure out the glue bottle joke till I realized the glue bottle opens at the start of glue up then panic ensues as a dry fit cant simulate trying to get sliding wood under control
  3. zapdafish

    Shop Apron

    I got a ballstic apron from fastcap and hung it up and then never used it, lol, Might need to rethink that as I keep "losing" stuff. Think its one of those things I have to ingrain into my routine.
  4. zapdafish

    Help your local medical personnel: Masks

    Novant sent me this email. Still waiting on a reply but if you want to know when they are ready you can ask them here for your local area Thank you for your willingness to donate these supplies. We are currently working with our local Goodwill locations to set...
  5. zapdafish

    Carving mule and tools - interesting listing
  6. zapdafish

    Help needed

    Space Force :)
  7. zapdafish


    does the fein have variable suction control? festool sanders are better when used with low suction, not sure what @jlwest will be hooking up to the system. The newer festool vacs have bluetooth :)
  8. zapdafish


    I've got the CT22. I mostly use it for sanding and a tracksaw. I have the RO150 with the multi jet stream pad and the paper with the holes to match and it's great at keeping the worksurface clean so you don't rub the sawdust and grit that wears off the sandpaper back into the project. I got...
  9. zapdafish

    New Workbench

    not sure if you are supposed to finish the top and bottom with the same regimen to maintain even moisture content. nice looking workbench tho, I also used yellow pine for mine. very durable.
  10. zapdafish

    Is there any interest in a sharpening workshop?

    depending on when I would try and make it. I'm a worksharp guy and have never compared my end result to anything
  11. zapdafish


    Saw these in Fine Woodworking. Last time I checked they were out of stock but looks like they solved that problem. These fall into the I wish I thought of it first. lol Still debating on whether to upgrade since the attachments I have now work pretty good. It's not a cheap upgrade but I just...
  12. zapdafish

    Curved Rectangle Drawer Hole Jig?

    Something similar to this except your template would be sized for your drawer and you would go all the way through
  13. zapdafish

    Bees wax

    I use parafin wax and squiggle it on too but I'm also not Garret Hack, good enough to have the hand plane be the last step before finishing, lol.
  14. zapdafish

    Red Grandis

    I picked some up to mess with from the Hardwoodstore. I used it to make small stave containers. Kinda felt like working with poplar It wasnt as dense to work with as sapelle but too red for my tastes so haven't done much with it. Pretty much a blah grain like poplar too. The amount of stock...
  15. zapdafish

    Safety is important after the furniture leaves the shop.

    in the netflix special, supposedly there are knockdown designs that wont fall over but they dont incoprorate it because it adds to the cost. But the instructions they supply do say to attach to the wall. Sounds to me like an emotional issue because children died.
  16. zapdafish

    Safety is important after the furniture leaves the shop.

    I believe there is a show called Broken on Netflix that has an episode on Ikea that goes into this. Not this particular case but the unsafe furniture they and others sell.
  17. zapdafish

    Maple Bowl

    trapped the syrup in there :)
  18. zapdafish

    Last Chance for Ash? Lumber Run in Charlotte?

    sounds like green wood? wish I had a place to store it

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