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  1. Ed Fasano

    Any Inca fans out there?

    I recall reading years ago about the many positive virtues of Inca bandsaws. I'm the happy owner of another now-extinct European machine. I have an oddball 25+ year-old Kity bandsaw that was made near Alsace on the French German Border. American Woodworker once gave it a top rating in a bandsaw...
  2. ERF_0497_Shaker_Step_Stool_E2_Small.jpg


    Shaker style step stool. Gifted to Joe Brown, the master home builder at Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County.
  3. Ed Fasano

    RECEIVED: 35mm SLR MANUAL camera for college kid

    Speaking form experience in the industry, it's sad that there are only 50 or so true photo specialty stores left in the US. When there were close to 6,000 photo specialty stores, they relied greatly on the profits derived from photo processing, which died with the emergence of digital imaging...
  4. Ed Fasano

    RECEIVED: 35mm SLR MANUAL camera for college kid

    BTW, the Canon AE1s and the Minolta XD11 are cameras with automated exposure modes. The automated modes can, however, be overridden, allowing them to be operated in a manual exposure mode. Even so, some photography education programs disallow such cameras. They don't want the automated crutch...
  5. Ed Fasano

    Miter gauge - Recommendations

    I have one of the original JessEm Mite-R-Excel miter gauges that's rock solid and dead on. Sweet miter slot bar compensation system. Because I use a sled most of the time, it sits on its dedicated rack. I'd let it go for $175.00. I even have the original packaging and instructions.
  6. Ed Fasano

    Blind Nailer / Chisel Gauge

    I recall looking at this tool with curiosity and interest in the old, well-illustrated Garrett Wade catalog. That was 30ish years ago. That was before I knew a few more things about practical woodworking. I now see it as a tool perhaps for those who collect tools or practice strictly orthodox...
  7. Ed Fasano

    SOLD - For Sale - Forrest Woodworker II, 10-inch, 40-tooth, 1/8” Kerf Table Saw Blade

    SOLD - Forrest Woodworker II, 10-inch, 40-tooth, 1/8” kerf table saw blade. $55.00 I find myself using a combination blade less often, so this blade is for sale. Condition is used. No teeth are damaged. Sharpened only once by Forrest, so the majority of carbide life remains and it is quite...
  8. Ed Fasano

    To replace Drill press motor or not

    Now, for all the reasons already offered.
  9. Ed Fasano

    Plug Cuttters

    Veritas is my only experience. No complaints whatsoever.
  10. Ed Fasano

    Table saw adjustments

    My adjustments/tolerances and frequency of measurement mirror Mike's. I use a TS Aligner JR dial indicator, which is quite accurate and takes the guesswork out of it. There are a number of alignment/adjustment rigs on the market. As long as the dial indicator can sit solidly in the miter gauge...
  11. Ed Fasano

    WTB - Quiet compressor advice

    I wanted to replace my aging Devilbiss pancake compressor. My space is limited, so that narrowed my search. I did quite a bit of searching and researching. For whatever it’s worth, my conclusions included these ramblings… The nearly undisputed pinnacles of best in class in small(ish)...
  12. Ed Fasano

    6” Powermatic jointer with helical head

    Apart from the motor, the worst thing that can fail is the pair of cutter head bearings and they are an easy and inexpensive fix. As such, I don't see the age as a significant factor. Moreover, if the subject jointer is 15 years old, perhaps it was made in the US instead of China. A 6" helical...
  13. Ed Fasano

    Veritas Mk II Horning Guide $25.00 Sold

    A remarkable value! I wish I needed two!
  14. Ed Fasano

    Air Compressor - Facebook Marketplace

    Just FYI If you are looking for an excellent air compressor, this is a great find. I bought this exact machine last year and am very happy with it. Very quiet (compared with typical compressors). Good small shop capacity and small vertical footprint. At $165, it’s a very good value. Happy new...
  15. Ed Fasano

    General Finishes water based enduro-var

    I learned the hard way as well. The product documentation warns against use on a white surface, but I disregarded the warning. I thought the yellowing would be slight. It was not. Lesson learned by me too. As for your brother-in-law, I would stand firm on the premise that he specifically...
  16. Ed Fasano

    General Finishes water based enduro-var

    The pinkish tint to Enduro Var is normal. However, using over a white finish can be problematic. It will add an amber/yellow tone to the white.
  17. Ed Fasano

    Tenoning jig miter slot fitment

    Before you spend money on a new bar that will still require some accurate drilling and tapping, I'd suggest spending some careful, no-go, go time on one side with a good mill file. I have that jig. The miter slot bar is short and is fairly soft steel, so it will probably file down without...
  18. Ed Fasano

    Tried way too hard on this.....

    Beats the $8 Home Depot storage tote that I put mine in.

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