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  1. matt roberts

    Craftsman 10” bandsaw

    I got this bandsaw a little bit ago but I’ve got a bigger bandsaw too and just never used it like I thought. Works fine and only used a few times. $80, I’m located in clemmons just outside Winston Salem. I also go to Asheville once a week, usually on Wednesday.
  2. matt roberts

    Side table - how best to affix the top

    I've used the figure 8 table top fasteners in my builds. They are similar to those listed above but don't require the slot in the apron but still allow for some movement.
  3. matt roberts

    Free big jointer in Hamptonville

    Seen on Facebook marketplace. Free Fay&Egan jointer, looks to be 12” or so from the pictures. I’m sure it needs work but for free can’t complain. I wish I had a trailer and a place to put it but alas. Hopefully one of y’all can use the deal.
  4. matt roberts

    *SOLD* Delta Homecraft Scollsaw

    I picked up this Delta Homecraft scroll saw in a deal and don't really need it as I have another 24" already in the shop. It has a non-original 1/3hp motor that is operational though the cord should be replaced, I ran it for a few seconds to see it run but you can see in the picture the cord is...
  5. matt roberts

    CAD Software of Choice

    I use Autodesk Inventor and Autocad. I used solidworks in the past. I like them both, it has been 12 years since I used solidworks and when I tried to use it recently finding the right buttons for the right tools was frustration, only because I was use to Inventor. I think most of the...
  6. matt roberts

    Installing cabinets

    We re-did our kitchen a year ago and went from tile to hardwood. The previous owners had put the cabinets directly on the subfloor and then tiled. I swapped the dishwasher before we started the remodel and had to use two floor jacks to raise the counter up just enough to slide the dishwasher...
  7. matt roberts

    Klingspor’s Winston-Salem Store Celebration December 8

    I’ll be there to do some shopping and learning!!
  8. matt roberts

    Delta Uni Saw $450

    Here is the link:
  9. matt roberts

    Workbench tool tray - Yay or nay?

    I have on in my bench and like it. It makes an easy place to slide things to clear off the whole bench for a large piece. Mine is just deeper than a plane on its side. I added a sliding section in the middle to quickly sweep out dust and shavings as well. It doesn't really waste room for me...
  10. matt roberts

    Free RAS

    I'm sure most people already figured but it is gone, I didn't get it though....
  11. matt roberts

    big 'arn

  12. matt roberts

    big 'arn

    This guy has a small line shop shutting down. I bought the monarch mortiser but the other stuff is still there I have some pictures if anyone is interested or some details about the machines from looking at them when I saw the mortiser.
  13. matt roberts

    Union SC to Asheville

    I bought a Monarch mortiser in union SC. Its big! If anyone in Asheville area has a truck and is bored we could go down and pick it up. I will cover gas and food (about an hour and half drive). Thanks-matt
  14. matt roberts

    some older tools

    funny that you say that. Just earlier today I saw a picture of one somewhere else and have been wondering the exact same thing.
  15. matt roberts

    some older tools

    Found this: On the left side go to available items on bid. Look at tuesday april 29th auction: 404298 - Miscellaneous - Located in Boone there is a large powermatic planer 8in delta and some other cool stuff

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