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  1. J

    Kinetic Sculptures

    Very interesting Enjoy
  2. J

    Need some simple toy ideas for kids

    Sorry I forgot a toy to list in my previous list & Berta just reminded me: add a cardboard tube from a paper towel or toilet paper roll
  3. J

    Need some simple toy ideas for kids

    Not even joking either of these always seem to get played with the most & everyone seems to have them: Any large cardboard box Old remote control Old cell phone After observing child behaviors over the years, remembering how I was, and even seeing it in my kids I am fully convinced these 3...
  4. J

    Q&A - Science Behind Wood Coatings

    Just following up to note that Scott has now posted the article for your enjoyment. Also note that we'd still like some subject matter experts to fill in info for the epoxy and hardwax oil sections. Thanks to Scott for editing / uploading this hopefully useful tool ! This I feel is a good...
  5. J

    Q&A - Science Behind Wood Coatings

    Not sure if pics are warranted for this type of article or not. I do reference a few commonly sourced branded products such as Minwax, GF, Deft, Watco, Tried & True, etc but not sure if it fits in this article. Each brand typically has extensive product lines that could cover several categories...
  6. J

    Q&A - Science Behind Wood Coatings

    Sent for your review.
  7. J

    Q&A - Science Behind Wood Coatings

    Just let me know specifics on what you need me to do & specifically where in order to get my notes uploaded and I'll do it right now
  8. J

    Q&A - Science Behind Wood Coatings

    Following up to say that I have had my research reviewed, other thoughts added by a couple of industry experts and Q&A completed by a couple of industry experts and am ready to post this on the forum for review by our forum experts for final edits prior to posting as a formal article / white...
  9. J

    Finally Done

    Looks great ! Nice choice in showing grain pattern. What type of finish & process did you use ?
  10. J

    Q&A - Science Behind Wood Coatings

    I want to give an update here. I met with my contact today and learned a lot. However, his focus of course was primarily the marketing side of the industrial coatings industry rather than what we typically see in the hobbyist market. He will take a look at my page and a half list of rapid fire...
  11. J

    Greensboro Lunch - Tuesday

    I can't make it this time as I have to stay home with a sick kid tomorrow
  12. J

    Q&A - Science Behind Wood Coatings

    I can certainly create a thread with my information. I would like for this to be a quick ready reference for folks as a high level non-exhaustive "article" so I'll post it as text but would prefer to have our experts on this forum to chime in edit it (simplify it, correct anything I may have...
  13. J

    Q&A - Science Behind Wood Coatings

    Hey, If you're like me and have been very confused or overwhelmed when trying to first learn about/understand wood coatings then know that I have a great opportunity coming my way next week (1/23/2020). I'll be having lunch with someone that is an expert the wood coatings industry and can...
  14. J

    Finishing Black Iron Pipe

    You can used rubbing alcohol, acetone, or degreaser to get the oil off w/ blue shop towel or paper towel. I used a solvent as well but after initial wipe down I used steel wool with a 2nd round of the solvent then wipe off w/ blue shop towel. I then finished with spray lacquer. This keeps that...
  15. J

    Greensboro Lunch Bunch - Tuesday

    Hate I'll miss it....again. I'll be heading to St Paul, MN.
  16. J

    beeswax and naptha

    packaging tape
  17. J

    Workshop size for building king size beds

    Hey, looking for input on those the may regularly build king size beds. I’ve got a new workshop planned that’s a 30’x40’ (10’ ceiling) as I feel this would be a comfortable size to build & finish a king size platform bed. I built one (also a queen) in my previous 14×24 shop but it was far too...
  18. J

    Fire Starter

    Nothing like beautiful good smelling very dry hand plane shavings collection to start a fire. Marshmallows ready to go. Fall is near.
  19. J

    Salvaging Logs During Lot Clearing

    I will do so. Many thanks for the connection !
  20. J

    Salvaging Logs During Lot Clearing

    Thanks for the input and I've seen Matt's video and he's one I was mentioning (w/o calling him out by name) that far north (MN). I just heard from our soil scientist that the trees I wish to keep in the septic field can stay no issue ! They can work around them. So really only loosing a few nice...

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