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  1. drw

    Maple Bowl

    Dirk, beautiful wood and finish as well as excellent craftsmanship!
  2. drw

    Knocked one off the "honey-do" list...

    Our pantry has the same issue as yours, so I showed your handiwork to my wife...I now have another project added to my "honey-do" list! Looks like a great solution to the problem.
  3. drw

    Physics, Sculpture and WW'ing

    Very fascinating! I wish I had the talent/aptitude to build such artistic and engineering creations, but I know my limitations.
  4. drw

    Chaos or shoulda' had a SawStop

    John, I am so sorry that you had to experience another hand injury. That said, I am appreciate you sharing your experience with makes us all a bit more careful. The cutting board is beautiful and is aptly named!
  5. drw

    Vase number 2

    Beautiful! I like how you took the time to alternate the grain patterns, it adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the project.
  6. drw

    Coffee table almost done

    Mark, beautiful work resulting in a beautiful table! It may have been your first time working with epoxy, butterflies, and angled M&T joints, but your work suggests it was done by and old pro! We miss you at our monthly lunch gatherings!
  7. drw

    RDU Lunch this Friday - Feb 21

    I will be there; Adele is doubtful, here son and granddaughter are visiting from California.
  8. drw

    Charity Vase

    Beautifully done! I do not have the foggiest idea regarding pricing...I suggest telling the auction organizers that it is "priceless" and see what happens.
  9. drw

    Video-Stupid Easy Floating Shelves 2 ways

    Gary, thanks for sharing these post! There are some very useful and practical techniques on display in these videos; in fact, I am going to be building the pocket hole floating shelves for our upstairs craft-room.
  10. drw

    Glue-Up "Accident"

    While building the coffee table, which I recently posted, I experienced a situation that provided a lot of momentary anxiety, pain, and a little humor. I shared this experience with fellow-woodworkers during the recent Raleigh area shop crawl, but I thought others may identify with my story...
  11. drw

    Just a look back

    Woody, " man's trash another man's treasure". When I was younger, I don't think I was very sentimental, but now that I am no longer young, I find that things that use to be just "things" are treasures...especially if they involved my children. I am sure your craftsmanship has improved over...
  12. drw

    Coffee Table: Update

    Brad, I did turn the legs (thanks for asking). I am not a "Turner", in fact this is the first time I have actually used anything I turned in a project. I purpose made the turning simple, therefore repeatable. Overall, I am pleased...that said, if you placed all three turnings side by side you...
  13. drw

    Coffee Table: Update

    Martin, the plan is to put some sort of storage baskets under the table, at least that I what I am told. In retrospect, perhaps I should have made the bottom shelf a few inches small than the table top...only time will tell!
  14. drw

    Coffee Table: Update

    We moved the coffee table from the shop to its new home, our living room. Many of you commented on the table's unusual shape, and it is unique - but, this is what my wife wanted. It certainly would not work with a traditional sofa, but I think it works well with our sectional sofa. As to the...

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  18. 741B832A-939E-40B9-944E-269AB1DBFB12.jpeg


    Coffee Table: Quarter Sawn White Oak
  19. BCFD3152-E5CA-4443-A522-41BAC828D989.jpeg


    Coffee Table: Quarter Sawn White Oak
  20. drw

    Tick Stick

    Very clever, thanks for sharing.

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