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  1. NCTurner

    homemade plywood

    Very nice! Great way to put high figure scrap to use too! Thank you.
  2. NCTurner

    Video-Stupid Easy Floating Shelves 2 ways

    Cut Board Pocket Holes Both are great designs for single board setups, no need for cleats or metal brackets. Mind you this is not master woodworking.
  3. NCTurner

    HELP! Can someone in RDU help me store that planer until June?

    I have the cart, Bruce if this comes together and you want to swing by for it, give me a call. I don’t know that it would work well on turf, but it’d roll on ply no problem.
  4. NCTurner

    Tick Stick

    I bet some of y’all with some mileage have seen this before, but it was a first for me! Very nifty!! Tick Stick Video
  5. NCTurner

    Misaligned holes in tile for shower enclosure

    Epoxy aluminum dowel as far into the tile hole as it will fit, drill new hole beside it and use the dowel to anchor against.
  6. NCTurner

    The job I did not want but ...

    The strength, will, and determination it must have taken to complete this beautiful piece are truly telling of the man and his love for whom it was crafted. My heartfelt prayers to you and yours.
  7. NCTurner

    Amazon Clarke Bros spoon knife $5.22

    Things are great, thanks for asking. I’m still not finding much time for WW, but check in once in a while. Hope all are doing well.
  8. NCTurner

    Amazon Clarke Bros spoon knife $5.22

    I don’t know anything about this night but it seems like a great price. Link
  9. NCTurner

    An interesting project that we recently completed

    Your work always amazes me! And the opportunities that you have been able to open through your hard work are a true testament to your character!
  10. NCTurner

    Bowl Turner...Jamie...Jamey...and the big green lathe

    The lathe sounds like a Union Graduate, the turner possibly Glenn Lucas
  11. NCTurner

    Is anybody interested in participating a group buy for Anchorseal Classic?

    Happy to see that this has become a sort of tradition! Though I don't need any AS I might like to pop on out to the farm for a visit, either at the event or sooner if you have some time Scott, it's been to long.
  12. NCTurner

    Recommend Plumber Cary Area

    Thanks for the info Ken, I ended up going with Cary Plumbing for this job, but will tuck that # away.
  13. NCTurner

    Recommend Plumber Cary Area

    So I was having an issue with my well pressure the other day, got under the house only to find out the cold water pressure tank is shot. Can anyone offer a good recommendation for a plumber to come out and change it out? I could probably knock it out myself as it doesn't look to terribly...
  14. NCTurner

    Painting, and a HF Gem, and Other Tips!

    Bruce, those knees must be coming along nicely!!
  15. NCTurner

    Picnic sign up sheet - Whatacha bringin' ? Whatcha want US to bring?

    Cups dessert and some kind if side.
  16. NCTurner

    How do I center cut plywood?

    Thats not a coop it's a freaking condo!! Looks great By the way. I think I got this licked, jigsaw or plunge router should get it done. Thanks.
  17. NCTurner

    How do I center cut plywood?

    a little to traditional for me, thanks though!:wwink:
  18. NCTurner

    Natural Edge

    Re: Natural Edge Box Elder Burl??? Wha to do? If your gonna keep getting wood like that, it's time for a corer!!!
  19. NCTurner

    How do I center cut plywood?

    SubGuy, yes frames are in order, these will be coop windows to house the new younghens...

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