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    Change comes with time

    Harbor Freight has a 4' LED 5000 Lumens shop light for 19.99 -(Super coupon in back of recent catalog). I bought the limit of 4 and tested one when I got home. Looks like a good light.
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    My Adventures in 3D Printing

    Look in the Cura Marketplace for the "Auto-Orientation" plugins. When you just don't know or just starting out. It is a big help for orientation. There are a ton of setting in Cura that won't make any sense until you either need them or someone else recommends it for better prints. I would...
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    Bosch Drill/Driver PS20 clutch - toss or repair?

    I recently went thru a similar exercise with my Black&Decker 20V drill. New drill and battery - $39. Shipped for free (Amazon Prime). What my original need was brushes for motor. Then motor is sealed, thus making brush replacement very , very hard. OK, new motor - The only place that had the...
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    Urethane bandsaw tires

    I need to replace the tires on my Jet 14" bandsaw. Any recommendations? Don't use?
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    3D Printers

    1. What model do you have? Creality Ender 3 2. What do you like about it? Price/performance and build volume. 3. What do you dislike about it? default built surface not flat - I upgraded to a glass bed. I also added a Raspberry Pi with Octoprint and upgradable Marlin FW. 4. What would you change...
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    SOLD - Delta 9" Shopmaster BS100 Bandsaw W/Blades

    Can it handle a 1/8" blade? If yes, I can purchase for my wife's scroll work.
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    Need Switch Cover For Delta 10"Drill Press

    Movers broke mine the same way. I was lucky enough to find the pieces and melt (solder iron) them back together. If it gets hit again, I am sure they will break, but for now it works.
  8. K

    3x 4' LED Shop Lights

    Ouch ... I picked up (8) 4' LED lights at Walmart (Black Friday Sale) for $12 each. I think they are 4000 lumen. I had been getting 3' LED 3500 lumen at Home Depot for $14. These are not linkable.
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    Small diameter (~1/4") router 'bowl' bit ?

    Try "ball nose router bits" in google. I use down to 4mm router bits in my CNC router. CNC ball nose router bits are very common.
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    Help on a recent find...

    If it is normal threads (Not left-handed threads) - maybe a screw extractor.
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    replacing Workmate tables

    Not a wood but: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Sheet You can cut/drill/route/tap/shape with your wood tools and it will last much longer. A quick look on the web showed 0.75" 12" x 48" piece for ~$40.
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    AFCI breakers tripping

    I had the same problem with my brand new home. AFCI breakers were tripping in Master and guest bedroom with nothing plugged in. The electrician waited until after county inspections were signed off. Then returned to replace them with normal breakers.
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    Hardware for attaching french cleat to wall

    Not to add to you weighty issue: But what happens if some "adult" leans on the front edge? 80 pounds + XXXX = I hope it stays put. Worst case would be small child climbing on it and eveything falling on the child.
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    Workbench top help

    I did see any mention of solid core doors. I have been using one for many years.
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    According to my wife ...

    Sounds like an ad for SawStop.
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    Laser engravers

    Here is the cribbage board: Should have used painters tape to stop the burn marks around the letters. The holes were cut with my CNC router. She has a web site: Home - CKS Ventures and she has been pretty regular at "last Friday" in Hillsborough (in Yonder Bar on King Street).
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    Laser engravers

    The wife just bought a Glowforge Pro. I haven't done anything with it, but she has cut and engraved many jewelry pieces. My one project - engrave on a cribbage board hasn't made it to top of her list yet. For someone who didn't know any CAD, she has been picking it up pretty quickly. I still...
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    T track clamp

    If the track is pulling out. Don't use screws, use bolts with fender washers on the under side. My bolts are 3-6" apart depending on location/use of certain areas.
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    Tool Cabinet is On the Wall!

    Hmm ... looks familiar ... Can't wait to see it outfitted.

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