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  1. J

    I Hate barrel bolts

    My second grandson almost got a store bought crib today. I have his nearly done but have messed around for about 6 hours installing 8 barrel bolts. You drill a little over 3/8 hole one direction for the round nut and then a little over 1/4 the other direction for the bolt. I am not pleased...
  2. J

    JimD's DC sucks!

    I've been talking about a dust collector for months and finally took a couple weekends to get it set up. The blower is from a 2hp HF. It has the smaller Oneida super dust deputy which has a 6 inch connection for the blower and a 5 inch for the piping. I changed the HF blower to a 6 inch inlet...
  3. J

    dresser/changing table for grandson number 2

    I have not posted anything with pictures in a very long time but I will try on this. I have a dresser done for my Son and Daugher in laws first who is due to arrive in November. I promised a crib too and got the wood yesterday so it is next. They specified it be painted white and they like a...
  4. J

    Domino XL for ~$250

    I was just messing around, dreaming a bit, and googled the Domino DF700, the big one. Amazon came up at $1500 like everybody else but then I clicked on their "other sources" tab and a supplier came up at less than $250. Delivery is late August to early September suggesting it is coming in from...
  5. J

    Running propane piping

    I am still spending more time on home projects than woodworking but I believe it is winding down. I reframed and finished a set of stairs, refinished another set, replaced all the molding in the house, installed new kitchen and bath cabinets and appliances, etc.. In February I paid a local...
  6. J

    Kreg Adaptive Cutting System

    I noticed for the first time today that Kreg has come out with a track saw. It's a 10A saw so a little more powerful than a Grizzly (9A) but less than my DeWalt (12A). It has a riving knife and kickback protection which the DeWalt has but not the Makita. Reviews are sparse, unclear the...
  7. J

    Table top weight

    I need a new dining room table and am at the stage of thinking about what I want to do but will not be building it for at least a month or two. I like a design by April Wilderson, who does youtubes, who painted her softwood base white and put a walnut top on it. I would dye the base black and...
  8. J

    JimD's SawStop

    I am preparing to retire and decided to buy a SawStop PCS, 1.75hp over a month ago. I wanted it to be at the 38+ inch height of the Ryobi BT3100 on it's custom base so that I could continue to use the same outfeed/work table and so that wood could extend over adjacent machines. Plus I do not...
  9. J

    Recovery from mistakes

    I am near completion of a bedroom set based loosely on the design in Woodsmith 34. I need to finish the 4 drawers for the chest and I'm done. I planned the wood and cut it to size yesterday but didn't feel up to the dovetails. They are just machine cut but the plans call for a 3/16 offset at...
  10. J

    Propane for hot water and a fireplace insert

    I went to some websites of local propane suppliers to try and get a plan together to get a large propane tank at the house, then put in a tankless water heater fueled by propane and then a fireplace insert with outside air intake and blower that burns propane. I don't have natural gas...
  11. J

    Bosch Flexiclick for $114

    I've been looking for a deal on the Bosch flexiclick since I lost out on the last time it dropped to near $100. Amazon has it on cyber Monday for $114 with some bits ($169 without bits). I got one this time.:)
  12. J

    Setting stops on new Table Saw

    I bought a new SawStop PCS175 and am working on getting it set up. Raising it up and getting a mobile base on it is slowing me down but that isn't my question. My question is if it might ever be handy to have the 0 degree stop slightly off where it would be 90.5 to the right side of the...
  13. J

    Wood near Columbia SC

    I live in Lexington, outside Columbia, SC. Somebody asked where to get wood in this area and I posted what I remembered but I have been working on my house and not purchased hardwood in >5 years :(. Until today. I have some oak and a little cherry so I have had some wood, just not purchased...
  14. J

    Spraying latex

    I've used white semi-gloss latex paint on all the trim in our house. I am wrapping it up and need to paint some bi-fold doors that collectively about 6 feet wide. They are fully louvered. I've painted all the trim with a small roller and a brush. But I am dreading that approach on these...
  15. J

    Generator Strategy

    In Lexington SC we only had a bad thunderstorm, effectively, from Irma. Officially I don't think the gusts quite hit 60 mph. But that was bad enough we were without power a few hours. Second time since we've owned this house, about 4 years. Neither was more than a few hours. Since the...
  16. J

    Moen or Delta Shower control?

    I'm redoing one of our bathrooms. The shower leaked into the kitchen ceiling because the mortar bed drain was not installed correctly. Taking the mortar bed off the walls and floor was a bad job. But that is over and the new shower installed (4 piece fiberglass). The new shower control is...
  17. J

    Matching old pine paneling

    Our great room, where I am right now, is paneled in pine tongue and groove paneling. I am putting a new doorway from this room to the dining room and got a little heavy handed taking the paneling down. It's turned into a huge job because the previous owner just left up the exterior wall...
  18. J

    Direct Vent Fireplace

    We bought a 50 year old, under insulated house last year because it is on a large lake. It is also brick with nice landscaping and a layout we can work with. But when the temperature goes below freezing, the heat pump cannot heat the house to 70 degrees. When it was in the teens it wouldn't...
  19. J

    Electrical switches

    The thread on the neat switch cover and comments on flipping the switch made me think of one of the issues I have with our new-to-us house. Really we've been in it over a year and I just haven't gotten to this yet. I think that the first switch in the cover should be for the overhead lights...
  20. J

    Installing baseboard

    My workshop addition has reached the "good by to the contractor" stage leaving me with finish carpentry to do. I already did most of the finish electrical. (Trying to save money) I have the trim on order and will pick it up Friday and work through the weekend on installation. It is two...

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