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  1. ste6168

    Jet Spindle Sander Question

    Anyone have a Jet spindle sander and a magnetic dial indicator? I got mine last year, and has always seemed to "bounce" a little, but I don't use it enough that I ever really thought much into it. I was sanding some drawer front with a handle/notch yesterday, and started wondering, does this...
  2. ste6168

    Girl/Boy Scouts Woodworking

    Hi all - I have been asked by my daughters GirlScout leader if I would be willing to help teach the girls a quick class in order to get their woodworking badge. Overall, it seems pretty straightforward with what they're supposed to learn. I was thinking about having them, rather than the...
  3. ste6168

    Paw Print Inlay

    Working on a small leash holder for the house, nothing special there just a piece of walnut with a dado and another small piece of walnut that fits in dado to make a small shelf. A few hooks under shelf.... BUT the highlight of the project is the paw print inlay I did. A few gaps around the...
  4. ste6168

    Game Table (WIP)

    Hi all - Have been working on this game table for my kids, our playroom upstairs, for a bit. This table went from initially being a simple build, with a plywood top, to much more in-depth, and I have been essentially building/designing on the fly. So, long story short, it is similar in nature...
  5. ste6168

    Wedding Unity Puzzle

    Some friends of ours recently got married (ok, so not THAT recently, just finally getting around to updating some projects) and asked if I could make a unity puzzle to be used in their ceremony. They wanted to include River, the child of the groom, in the unity portion of the ceremony, rather...
  6. ste6168

    Quick Projects

    A few quick, relatively simple projects I have completed recently. Sometimes these quick builds are great! Friend of mine wanted to build a lego/activity table for his son, asked for my help. Didn't want/need anything fancy due to the inevitable abuse a kid will put on it. Drew up a quick...
  7. ste6168

    3x 4' LED Shop Lights

    Hi all - I switched out the lighting in my shop, I have 3x 4' 5000k LED bars, I think they are rated 4500 lumen or something. Free to an NCWoodworker member, if you can use them! Must pickup at shop/house in Morehead City, NC. If no interest on here, I will list for sale for a couple bucks on...
  8. ste6168


    Ignoring the distastefully added "live edge" - Is this walnut? All of the walnut I have seen, and worked with, is typically darker. Closer to what is just inside the sap wood on the edge. I have never worked with butternut, could it be that, instead? Thoughts?
  9. ste6168

    Cruiser Skateboard Deck

    Something a little bit different. I wen't to Lowes a few weeks ago, walking around I noticed a thin (~1/16") piece of ply under one of the stacks of maple veneered ply. I asked the lumber employee about it and he told me the stacks come in with that on the top and bottom to protect the sheets...
  10. ste6168

    Simple Desktop

    Hello all. I work from home, not woodworking, unfortunately. That said, I am currently (temporarily) using an Ikea desktop and some of their bolt on legs, my mom used to use this table as a craft table, it is pretty old. I need more desk space, but don't have time/not ready to build the...
  11. ste6168

    Edge Banding

    Can someone school me on edge-banding? I have never used it, any of it. I see the stuff at Lowes, about $7 a roll, and stuff online for much more... Is there a quality difference, or are you paying for convenience? I am building a really simple nightstand, out of mostly leftover materials...
  12. ste6168

    Something happened with my jointer...

    Not sure what happened, but my jointers big brother showed up to the shop this morning! When I first wen't and looked at this machine on Thursday, I thought: "eh, its really not THAT much bigger than the 6" jointer." When I got home with it this morning, side-by-side, it honestly makes the 6"...
  13. ste6168

    Completed Projects

    End of last summer we moved, so getting the new shop setup (still not fully there), along with new house projects/repairs/updates, then the hurricane, has put a damper on shop time. Figured I would share a few pics of a few things I have finished in the last few months. Can't wait to get my...
  14. ste6168

    Scrolling Material

    Hey guys. I don't scroll a lot, here and there. Occasionally, I don't "feel" like starting, or doing much, in the shop, but would love to just sit down at the scroll saw, listen to some music, and kill some time... The issue I find, is preparing the stock from rough lumber. Is there a source...
  15. ste6168

    Spindle Sander

    Hey - Thought I saw a JET spindle sander for sale on here recently, can't find it now. Anyone know of one for sale? I could use one for an upcoming build, so I am on the lookout. Thanks!
  16. ste6168

    Fitting shelves to alcove

    Good morning all. My parents (mom) asked me to make some floating shelves for their new home. These shelves will go next to the fireplace in a small alcove. They will be surrounded by three walls. My plan is to attach runners to the wall, and an accompanying groove in the shelves so they'll...
  17. ste6168

    Router Bit

    Hey. A friend and wife just bought their first house, they are working on some repairs, one of which painting kitchen cabinets. The previous owner had someone "custom make*" a few glass inserts for the doors. They've asked if I can replace that glass with a wood insert, but to do it right...
  18. ste6168

    Wide Belt Sander, Planer, or?

    Anyone in/near Morehead City have a (relatively) easy way to flatten a few big pieces of white pine? I have 4 pieces about 18" wide my mom wants to turn into shelves. Planning on building out a router jig/sled, but wondering if someone may already have the tools necessary. Obviously will...
  19. ste6168

    16" Planer - $100

    Not mine, not endorsing. Don't know anything about the brand, looks like your typical Chinese import. Can't beat the price. Link:
  20. ste6168

    Delta Bandsaw

    Don't think this will last long, hopefully someone here in need gets it. Emerald Isle Facebook marketplace. Not mine, etc.

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