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  1. Martin Roper

    rusty blades

    Run a couple pieces of scrap through them and see how they look.
  2. Martin Roper

    Any Inca fans out there?

    Inca Sliding Table Saw - $750 (Kitty Hawk) Not mine, etc. It has a mortising attachment as well.
  3. Martin Roper

    Any Inca fans out there?

    INCA Bandsaw 342 - $375 (Durham) Not mine, etc. I'd buy this if I had a place to put it.
  4. Martin Roper

    Anyone need a 16" jointer?

    That might fit in my living room, but I'd have to knock a wall out to get it inside.
  5. Martin Roper

    Dewalt 13" Planer - $220 (Henrico)

    I've learned that if there's something on CL you really want, you've got to jump on it right away.
  6. Martin Roper

    Anyone need a 16" jointer?

    Casadei PF 41ES 16 Inch Jointer | New - $3500 (High Point) You might need to build a new wing onto your shop. Not mine, etc.
  7. Martin Roper

    Coffee Table: Update

    The shape is perfect for that room. What's the purpose of the bottom platform? I could see myself spewing some $@*&#!! language stubbing my toes on that.
  8. Martin Roper

    Dewalt 13" Planer - $220 (Henrico)

    I know a lot of folks like these and they're easy to upgrade to a helical cutterhead. Dewalt 13" Planer - $220 (Henrico) Not mine, etc.
  9. Martin Roper

    In-swing door? Like on a barrister bookcase

    Barrister bookshelf hardware.
  10. Martin Roper

    Holy Moly!

    A 16" table saw. I didn't know there was such a thing. That's a beast! Not mine, etc.: Tannewitz J-Series 16" Table Saw - $5000 (Raleigh)
  11. Martin Roper

    Shop countertop

    That outfeed table looks a little flimsy. ;)
  12. Martin Roper

    Any Inca fans out there?

    Inca table saw - $325 (Fletcher) Not mine, not endorsing, etc. These are a little wacky if you're used to American saws, but well made. I'm not sure about parts availability.
  13. Martin Roper

    What happens when we are gone?

    I have two rooms of wonderful traditionally hand-crafted Chinese furniture in rosewood and teak that I bought in Hong Kong while I was in the Navy. There are no glued-up panels in any of it. Some of the mahogany is 20" wide. We had no children and neither did my brother. My wife is an only. I...
  14. Martin Roper

    Grizzly 14" Bandsaw - $350 (Clayton)

    Not mine, etc. Grizzly 14" Bandsaw - $350 (Clayton)
  15. Martin Roper

    I'm going to have to up my skills

    I'm sure he's not making $2700 every time he makes something, but even if he makes just one piece a week he has to be doing OK. I also thought a high-end furniture store would know better than to call that "solid" Mahogany considering some of the largest pieces were veneered. I definitely...
  16. Martin Roper

    I'm going to have to up my skills

    I looked up the piece he made: Mike Farrington Cabinet $4500, pretty pricey. And the "solid Mahogany" bit in the description is fraudulent.
  17. Martin Roper


    Take it easy, Bruce. I've had an artificial lens and a dental implant. I haven't started on the extremities yet.
  18. Martin Roper

    Shelf Pin Cutout?

    The only negative would be that you'd have rounded ends on the grooves due to the shape of the bit. If you're finicky about that and you want it square you could clamp two shelves together and use a doweling jig and simply drill along the centerline. That leaves two grooves.
  19. Martin Roper

    Knock down hardware

    Do you have a Festool Domino cutter?

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