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    Orbital Sander

    Makita BO5041 random orbital sander Changed over to festool sanders and no longer need this. Functions perfectly and comes with several hundred pieces of sandpaper in the following grits: 400, 320, 220, 180, 120, 80, 60 $85 in the Raeford area
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    Anyone currently have a Steel City 1.5hp Dust Collector

    i plan to hook it up to a separator in the future but for now im happy with it. this is my first dc coming from years of using shopvacs. i plan on buying the bags from klingsors. shoot me a message when its time for you to restock and i'll let you know how they worked. thanks for the help james.
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    Anyone currently have a Steel City 1.5hp Dust Collector much frustration because i dont math good. haha. crisis averted. thanks matt!
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    Anyone currently have a Steel City 1.5hp Dust Collector

    I recently bought one that had been sitting in a guys unfinished wood shop. He assembled it but never got around to using it and i got it for dirt cheap. I just emptied it for the first time and went looking for replacement bags. They are no where to be found. The drum assembly measures...
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    Festool ROS?

    i have to rotex 90 and 150. paired with a midi ii, i couldnt be happier. almost dust free and they are monsters in rotex mode. i might add a ets150 since its lighter and smaller than the ro150 but thats in the future.
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    This looks interesting...

    i have some 60w and 100w bulbs like these. the 60's are pretty good until you put them next to a 100w. difference is night and day...
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    Grizzly 6 inch jointer cleanup.

    You did a hell of a good job bringing it back from the dead. I believe that I have the same one (model G1182). Replacement knives are G6697. I added a bin to my rolling cart to catch all the chips.
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    Earlex 5500 HVLP Spray Station

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    Earlex 5500 HVLP Spray Station

    I’ve had this for under a year and have used about a dozen times with good results. Functions perfectly and has just been deep cleaned. Comes with everything seen in the pictures. I've upgraded so I have no need for this one. $120 Located in Raeford
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    Tried way too hard on this.....

    I got a new sprayer and i guess i was excited about it because i made a box for it that is: 1. Excessive 2. Way to big 3. Looks like it should be holding speaker equipment for a band 4. Excessive By the time I realized what i was doing it was too late. On the plus side, the sprayer works...
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    Black Friday Deals

    Fuji sprayers are on sale. The spray gun/turbine are the cheapest on Amazon. Bought the accessories on klingspors. I saved about 250 on a mini mite 4 bundle with some extra crap like an additional tip (4 total) and remote. I just had to piece it all together from those two sites.
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    Jet Tools and Amazon

    There seems to be some type of issue between amazon and jet. A few weeks ago they had a 22-44 drum sander for $180. With shipping it came out to $359. Not bad for a $1500 machine. Of course I took that deal. That order was canceled the next day and was listed at the regular price. I was in...
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    What a time to be alive

    i got the same error on my phone. but when i switched to my computer they display just fine. i added them to this reply. see if that works.
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    What a time to be alive

    Hey everyone FNG here. The Wife and i just moved here from TN a couple months ago. We/me spends most of our time in our garage building things. I'm attempting to make every piece of furniture in our home with high quality items. I got tired of buying furniture that cant handled being used on...

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