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  1. MarkE

    Do you use spring joints for large panel glue ups?

    Well shoot. I guess I've been using spring joints for many years. :D
  2. MarkE

    Sears in the box

    I have a few Craftsman planes and other items stashed away in a drawer somewhere. At least one block plane and a No.4 smoother that are 'new in original box'. Both of those are painted a sort of metallic green color. Almost forgot I had them until I saw this post.
  3. MarkE

    Do you use spring joints for large panel glue ups?

    I'm a bit confused. What is the advantage to this joint? I understand that it is used to glue up a panel from boards that have already been planed to the wanted thickness and will also be to wide to go through the planers that most of us have. I just don't see how this particular method makes...
  4. MarkE

    Danish Cord Bench

    Very nice.
  5. MarkE

    homemade plywood

    Very cool. I made a few similar bracelets a while back. Cut them out with different sized hole saws. Got several sizes out of each glued up stack.
  6. MarkE

    Wide pine boards

    Revient Reclaimed has a warehouse in North Wilkesboro. Revient Reclaimed Wood | Antique Wood Products
  7. MarkE

    Broken hand plane

    Probably type 11 or 12. I have a a type 10 No.5 base. Close, but no cigar. You can probably find a replacement base on eBay, but as Mike stated, you may be better off just looking for a another No.5 that you can refurb.
  8. MarkE

    Broken hand plane

    How old is it? What type?
  9. MarkE

    Shop Build

    Looking good.
  10. MarkE

    To replace Drill press motor or not

    Yup. I would swap in the new motor as soon as time allows. Then you can more easily find out what the problem is with the old motor.
  11. MarkE

    Does this count as a woodworking accident?

    Ouch! BTW, I think we are all glad you decided to skip the pics.
  12. MarkE

    RDU CL - Grizzly Combo Sander - $75 (Apex) SOLD

    Already gone. At that price I am not surprised. I have the ZX model, which is the same machine with the storage base. A real workhorse around my shop.
  13. MarkE

    getting rid of T&G Wormy Chestnut
  14. MarkE

    New Member from Kill Devil Hills

    Welcome aboard.
  15. MarkE

    End grain table: how to stabilize checks?

    I built a table top and a countertop from one slab of hickory a while back. I filled all the cracks, checks, etc. with this epoxy. Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating for Wood Tabletop - 1 Gallon Kit: Industrial & Scientific
  16. MarkE


    I was going to say "no picture, didn't happen", but, never mind. o_O
  17. MarkE

    Lovingly Remembered

    Condolences Phil. So sorry for your loss.
  18. MarkE


    That is a good outcome for you. Which HD did you go to? I had a problem(s) with my Ridgid ros a while back and was told to bring it in to HD. Went to the one in Fuquay-Varina. I was told to go to the rental desk. After they figured out what to do and filled out all the paperwork, I was required...
  19. MarkE

    Merry Christmas Group!

    Merry Christmas Coleman and crew. Thanks for the coupon.
  20. MarkE

    Leigh D4 and Bits $75

    It WAS a steal. No longer available.

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