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    Pressure Tank usage

    First off you can search You Tube and there are plenty of videos there. In a nutshell when you go lower than atmospheric pressure you lower the boiling point of liquids. So you will out gas from the resin for a long time plus it will make a mess in your vacuum chamber. Pressurising the resin...
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    Pressure Tank usage

    Both ways will work if you don't have a vacuum pump you can pressurise the tank to say 40 PSI any pressure other than atmospheric will chase the bulles out.
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    What kind of caulk is this?

    Probably SikaFlex it's a concrete caulk you can find at any Home Depot.
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    Air Compressor Pump

    Run the pump while and see if a lot of that blow by Will smooth out. The Henry sells standpoint you're better off fixing the pump you'll have a higher quality pump and you can get more money for the compressor later down the road. The new pumps that are coming out are not what they used to be
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    Quiet cyclone dust collector

    Noise is related to vibration so see if you can isolate your dust collector from anything that would transmit sound. Rubber mounting isolators could help along with a flex connection to your duct work. Also fan tip speed is a major contributor to noise such as most shop vacuums. They have small...
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    How to tweak a dado?

    Shimsare 12 from Forrest
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    Final Post - My attempt at a Maloof style rocker

    Looks very nice. Did you use a scorp to hollow out the bowl of the seat?
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    Bandsaw drift

    Mike I understand however he has a 17 inch Grizzly saw and here are th specs for the saw from the link he provided. SPECIFICATIONS: Motor: 2 HP, 110V/220V, single-phase, TEFC capacitor start induction, 60 Hz, 1725 RPM, pre-wired to 220V Amps: 19A at 110V, 9.5A at 220V Power transfer: Belt...
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    Bandsaw drift

    What size is your blade i.e. 1/4, 3/8, 3/4 the narrower the blade the more flex you can have. I spoke to an engineer at Carter about resawing and he recommended a 3/4 wide blade 3 TPI. It cut fast clean and no drift.
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    Bandsaw Part Repair/Replace

    Carter products make top notch band saw guide kits. I have a set on my Laguna 18 inch saw couldnt be happier and they will last a lifetime.
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    Compressor failure - can anyone tell whats wrong?

    Valve plates look okish. I suspect something on the bottom end since you heard a scraping noise.
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    Insulation of roof

    Is your roof pitched or flat? If its pitched you could install vent on top of your ridge. You can use construction tie wire to hang your foam board from the rafters. Another possibility is put a lite coat of foam then wire up the foam board. Or just spray the whole thing...
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    Living With Arthritis in the Hands

    Meloxicam worked wonders for me, I don't know how or why but less than a week after I started taking it I felt loose and lubricated,
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    Dust Collection on planer, not working well

    David check your filter on your dust collector and see if it is a bit loaded up which will decrease air flow significantly.
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    Old iron

    The Berlin jointer originally had babbit bearings, so the out board sides are 7 and 12 inch long. So it is a optical illusion look at the cutter box and you will see what I am talking about. Believe me that cutter head is the correct size 12 inch long and close to 5.5 inches inches in diameter...
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    Old iron

    Well I finally got the Byrd Shelix head on Friday. I cant say enough good things about Byrd Tool. If everything goes well I could run it today.
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    Biesemeyer or Vega Fence for Table Saw

    I second George on The Super Cool Tools fence. I have one on my Unisaw and love it. It adjust easily and is rock solid.
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    Link belts... vibration reduction?

    Yes under heavy use they will fail. They are also hard to keep properly tensioned since they stretch. Occasional use they will last a while heavy use they fail.
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    Link belts... vibration reduction?

    Years ago when link belts first came out they were sold in HVAC and industrial supply houses. And the big selling point was you could temporarily repair a broken belt with a small coil of link belts. Then get the proper belt so you could get two service calls out of the deal and look like a...
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    Anyone know what this is?

    It could be a bark peeler.

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