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    Gluing in an unheated shop

    I use a small electric space heater sometimes in my shop but that is it's only heat other than what may leak out of the house. But that is pretty limited because the rooms around it are not usually heated either (unless the kids come home). It's a little warmer in SC but I don't think my shop...
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    I was thinking of getting some of these but then Rockler put their floor sweep on sale for half off and I got that and some connectors for my router table, planner, and jointer. So now I move their handle to these tools, or the floor sweep. Not as elegant but it works fine.
  3. J

    Plastic connectors for electrical

    My house is over 50 years old. So after I bought it, I added a few smoke detectors including one for my bedroom with CO sensing. I got ones with 10 year batteries. I had a contractor create some more living space above my expanded garage and he had to put in the current number of smoke...
  4. J

    orbital sander with shop vac connectivity

    I use a Bosch DEVS 1250 sander and a DeWalt 5 inch ROS (don't remember model) with my Rigid shop vac connected with a Bosch 5 meter hose. It's a good hose and is not expensive. Both sanders have adapters, I am pretty sure the Bosch adapter came with the sander, I don't remember if the DeWalt...
  5. J

    Festool ROS?

    I only have the domino so far but my Rigid shop vac works well with it using the Bosch 5M hose. It is not HEPA rated, however, but I have the finest filter offered for it.
  6. J

    Automatic dust collection

    I got the stuff to wire up my gates (LV) but I decided to try something different. I ordered a cheap remote control unit that a reviewer says works well for him with the same DC I have (2hp HF). It was less than $20. If that works, I may not go to the trouble of creating my relay setup. I...
  7. J

    Automatic dust collection

    I should get the parts from Amazon today for my automation. I think it was a little under $40. I will use low voltage switches meant for a security system on each blast gate to turn on the DC when I open the blast gate for that tool - and shut the DC off when the gate closes. A little 12V...
  8. J

    What happens when we are gone?

    I built each of my two kids a kitchen table and 4 chairs when they got their first place. I had earlier built them a bedroom set. I built my daughter and her husband a bedroom set for a wedding gift (Woodsmith Classic Cherry design). I sleep on the first bedroom set when I visit them, it is...
  9. J

    Dust Collector Wiring

    What Charlie said will work as long as the table saw switch can handle the current (amps) for both the table saw and the DC. I would be concerned unless I knew it was capable of it. But Charlie is right that 220 is just line to line with either of the lines providing 120 to neutral.
  10. J

    Dust Collector Wiring

    If you can find a relay with a 220V trigger circuit that can control your 120V DC (amperage) it would work. I did a really quick google search and didn't see one. But I did not try very hard. You would wire the relay trigger circuit in parallel with the motor (the current draw is tiny) and...
  11. J

    Dust Collector Rattle - UPDATE

    I agree bearings are a strong candidate. There could also be a bit of debris rubbing on the impeller. I would pull the cover off the impeller (it is where the air enters the blower) and see if there is debris or if there is a wobble. My HF cover comes off with a bunch of screws.
  12. J

    Brushless Motors

    I think it is just the cost (I saw an estimate of 30% more for brushless) and demand. Most of us are buying cordless tools when we can so the demand for the corded tools is lower. That makes it harder to justify the redesign effort. There is also an additional benefit for the cordless tools...
  13. J

    Misaligned holes in tile for shower enclosure

    I think I would fill the hole with grout. It is a form of concrete so it would be good for the plastic screw anchor to expand into. Grout is pretty flexible which doesn't seem consistent with anchoring. Epoxy is less so but more than grout. But if I did not have grout on-hand, I'd probably...
  14. J

    Hickory Table Top

    Nothing wrong with a solid wood top and breadboard ends. The end will not exactly match the width of the solid wood top except at one humidity level but the difference won't be huge and doesn't bother everybody. I plan to make a new dining table this year with a solid wood top out of 4/4...
  15. J

    How to cut this...

    I think I would keep the block square while I cut the dado on the table saw. Then I would probably use a hand plane and then a sander to get the shape on the outside.
  16. J

    118" Makita Guide Rail arrived safely... Barely...

    Glad it got there. I only have a 106 with my DeWalt and a few more inches would be nice to have.
  17. J

    Lovingly Remembered

    Phil, I am very sorry to hear your terrible news. On December 27, 2008 my beautiful wife of almost 29 years died. I still miss her but my life did go on. After she died, our two kids got married and they have now given me 3 grandkids. I wish I knew some way to make the pain go away but I do...
  18. J

    Stair rail configuration help

    Either I'm missing something or you have the handrail on the inside on the lower section and the outside on the upper. That causes a big transition if you are trying to keep a hand on the handrail. I think it would be a big benefit to just move the handrail to the inside on the upper portion...
  19. J

    Latest Project - Headboard

    Nicely done! All my projects have mistakes too, the trick is learning to hide them well.
  20. J

    Dust collector upgrade thoughts

    I also use the 2hp HF. Don't forget to use a 20% off coupon. But also please do not use it without upgrading the bags - filtration. The stock bags will not stop the finest dust, the type most likely to affect you. But if you go with 1 micron bags that is not expensive. With that change and...

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