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    rusty blades

    how rusty is too, rusty? I've about a dozen blades that fit my Parks Century BS [that's still looking for a buyer] & I thought I'd include them. The sides that were facing the tires are relatively rust-free. But the outer sides have surface rust. ..but, no deep pitting. The teeth are clean...
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    cutting board finish

    is there any way to get a glossy finish for an end grain cutting board? Now, for cheese/bread boards - that aren't endgrain - any safe, glossy finishes?
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    setting teeth

    Anyone have a favorite DIY jig for setting bandsaw teeth? ...And how to put one together. The ones over on youtube are geared more for portable sawmills.
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    bandsaw HP

    how much HP is too much for a bandsaw? My 30" bandsaw currently has a 3PH 1.5HP motor on it and has been sufficient for most tasks. but doing big cuts or resawing for "veneer" slows the pace down a bit. I have a 10 HP motor, [somewhere's about], and want to know if it would it be safe to use...
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    3PH question

    noob question, here. I've read that electric motors have more torque than a GAS engine of similar HP, so am wondering if something similar exits between electric motors [e.g. 3 phase 1.5HP vs single phase 1.5 HP]? Does the 3PH pull stronger?
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    soldered blades?

    how well do broken bandsaw blades hold up after being soldered back together? Also, is there a particular type of solder best used to give better flex (as blade travels around wheel)?
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    scroll bandsaw

    does anyone manufacture a bandsaw blade that can give the tight curves that a scrollsaw can? I am wanting to get back into making jigsaw puzzles [for xmas gifts] and i find using a scrollsaw to be tedious. Plus, I've never had much luck cutting several layers at a time.
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    FS: 30" Bandsaw

    unknown ID. no badges guess - "Crescent". sheet metal not original. Base modified by a previous owner. Needs new rubber tires. Motor = 1.5 HP 3Ph. 11" rise. 28" throat asking.......................................$900. obo last used 3 yrs ago. can help load...
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    planer parts

    I've a Vance planer mill #6?, made out of Winston-Salem. It's babbitt bearing with zerks; we've been pumping grease into its bearings for years. So far no problems. We've got it rigged to run off our tractor's PTO. If I ever needed replacement parts, where might I find some.
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    found 16" jointer at auction

    hey all,...and, maybe Kyle....cmboggs... spotted a 16" rockwell RJ-42 jointer out of Indiana on description states condition as: Good coming out of a school, probably been well taken care of. bidding ends in about a day and a half.
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    A different kind of crawl

    Today I had a chance to see a variety shops on the Triad Crawl. Wasn't able to see as many as I would have liked. Got lost one time [completely my own fault - Jeremy did a great job mapping routes out]. The last was interesting; would never have thought of an "upstairs" workshop. You make do...
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    babbitt bearings?

    hopefully this is right forum for this question. Is it really necessary to repour babbitt bearings in a machine that hasn't been used in 20+? yrs? I have a Yates C3a moulder that I'd like to refurbish....or sell [at some point]. Most of the cutting heads won't turn. Is there any way to free...
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    loking for air casters / bearings

    anyone ever use these things to move equipment? I'd like to find a company [preferably in Piedmont] that rents them out for a day/hourly. Had thought to try and find an electric pallet jack, but this would only work if machine is all ready on pallet. Air bearings seem a better fit for a small shop.
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    It's HOT outside.

    Am curious how others have been keeping their workshops cool last couple of weeks. Mine feels more like a solar kiln; it's even hot in the evenings. Not so bad in early morning. Been thinking of cobbling together a swamp cooler. Figure it won't put any more moisture inside, than when I run the...
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    looking for multi-ply plywood

    Looking for a source of aircraft grade plywood on East coast [preferably in NC] 4 mm - 5 mm thickness w/ 8 - 12 plies. The Hardwood store (gibsonville) sells 6 mm baltic birch in 5x5 sheets, but most sheets are 5 plies. Am not familiar w/the marine plywood they sell. Has anyone had...
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    sourcing bandsaw tires

    I've a Wadkins Bursgreen bandsaw in need of set of tires for 36" x 2" wheels. Looking for anyplace local to the triad. But willing to drive a bit further if necessary.
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    stacking qs oak

    In addition to tools, I inherited stacks of oak and walnut, which I'd like to sell. The stuff has been drying over 8 yrs. 5/4 and 6/4 & 8' long mostly. Some of the walnut is 8/4 and over 12' long. However, my question is: For those who sell lumber, do you stack the QS separately?,...or put...
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    where / how best to sell tools?

    been having trouble posting, so if there's a duplicate of this...apologies... I inherited some shop tools from father and am looking at best way to sell, as I need the space. Other than here, how do ebay and craigslist stack up. Or are there better sites? also, how secure and safe is paypal? If...

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