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  1. gator


    Happy Birthday to this great forum. I am proud to be the first member to join after Papa Smurf (Steve Coles) put it on the net. I hope that being a member of the first BoD we started this group on the path that has brought us to where we are today. George Summers
  2. gator

    Question about new Forum

    In the old forum when one was following a thread, there was a button to click to go the next unread post so you did not have to scroll through many posts to get there. I find no such button on the new forum. Am I missing it or is it missing? Other than that I find the new format much more...
  3. gator

    "Just to Hold It Til The Glue Dries"

    Norm used brads, this shows another way to hold things til the glue dries: George
  4. gator

    Wife Did It Again !!

    She put up with me for another year, That makes 52 now!! For all the young'ns out there, I hope you will find out what true love and support feels like someday. George
  5. gator

    NCWW Birthday and Roll Call

    July 10, 2005: A Gentleman named Steve Coles put a new forum on-line called I remember him asking on the WoodNet forum how many would be interested in a localized forum for woodworkers just in NC. I admit that my response was that the focus would be too narrow for a forum to...
  6. gator

    Thank You to My Wife

    for 50 wonderful years of marriage. I don't know how she did it but I am grateful to her for putting up with me for these past 50 years and hope she will continue to do so for another 50. George
  7. gator

    How To Make A Box

    My son sent this to me. Looks like a better way to make a box George
  8. gator

    Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

    With all the news lately about the Hoverboard fires caused by the L-I batteries, I wonder have there been any reports of fires in L-I powered tools? It seems that the hoverboard fires are sometimes just sitting there and sometimes while charging. I have not heard of any 'tool' fires but it...
  9. gator

    One Year To Go For the Half Century Mark

    One year from today will be our 50th anniversary. I am so glad that 49 years ago she decided to take this incredible journey with me. What a wonderful trip George
  10. gator

    Veterans Day Roll Call

    I think it would be interesting to see who served when and where, doing what. I'll start: US Army 1957-1960 Fort Dix NJ - Basic Fort Monmouth, NJ - Tech School Antofagasta, Chile (civilian status) Early Space Program Ft Benning, GA (Lawson Army Airfield) - Installing first auto-gyro gear on...
  11. gator

    For Better or For Worse

    Forty-Eight years ago my wife uttered these words and I think she got the worst and I got the better. But, she has put up with me all those years and I thank her for that. Happy Anniversary to my beautiful and understanding wife. George
  12. gator

    Charity Raffle

    Admins: If this is inappropriate, please delete If anyone is interested, you can send me a private msg. I have tickets and you do not have to be present to win. George
  13. gator

    Tool Auction

    If I can add it correctly, there is a tool auction of many woodworking tools in Oxford on Dec 7. George
  14. gator

    Whatever Happened To:

    I haven't seen any of these "old-time" members (been around since the first few months of NCWW) in a while. Anybody know if they are ok or if we have lost them? Monty, RobD,Kyle, DaveO, Bernhard, John Reeves, lwhughes149 George
  15. gator

    Great Sunday Outing For The Family

    MY MISTAKE --- This is next SATURDAY NOT SUNDAY (edited by George) If you are looking for something neat to do Sunday, Check this out Look through the Photo Gallery under OTHER for scenes from last year. While there stop by the Masonic Lodge...
  16. gator

    Countdown!!! Four Years From Today...........

    we can celebrate our 50th anniversary. Yep, 46 years ago she promised she would put up with me and she has held up her end of the bargain, LUCKY ME!!!!!!! George
  17. gator

    It Went National - Update on My Granddaughter and Her Heart Transplant

    Shea Crisson of Channel 11 News just finished interviewing Kristen and one of her friends for tonight's news (probably the 4:00PM segment). Her friend is having a fundraiser in lieu of her birthday with all proceeds going to COTA in Kristen's name. If you are near a TV at 4PM please watch...
  18. gator

    She's Home (Updated with Additional Post)

    Kristen came home yesterday afternoon. Four weeks after going in for tests, three weeks after going on the Heart transplant list, and two weeks after the transplant. She is doing awesomely (new word?) well. She is truly our largest Christmas present ever. She is cheery, bright, chipper and...
  19. gator

    Our Miracle Continues (UPDATE 12/15/11)

    Three days after the Heart transplant, she is up and walking. One lap around the ICU and then she headed for the door to go to the car (LOL). The nurses stopped her before she could escape. Word is that she may go to "Step-Down" tomorrow. I may be biased but I have never seen such bravery...
  20. gator

    Update on Prayer Request

    A short while ago I posted for prayer request for my granddaughter. A quick synopsis of events: On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving she went to Duke for and Electo Cardio Gram. The appointment was at 1:30, by 4:00 they had her in Pediatric Cardiac ICU. It was suspected that she needed a new...

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