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  1. Leviblue

    Kiwanis Kids Appreciation, May 16th

    Thanks for checking! The town doesn't want to let us move the day at this time.
  2. Leviblue

    Old Delta Tools

    If I were closer, I'd buy it. Now where to put the tools when I got home; that's a different story. LOL
  3. Leviblue

    Kiwanis Kids Appreciation, May 16th

    NCWW board and community. The Holly Springs Kiwanis Club is hosting our 18th Kids Appreciation Day event. This event is free to kids in and around Holly Springs, with inflatable activities like bounce houses, slides and mazes. Many vendors attending have kid friendly activities. I wanted to...
  4. Leviblue

    Lovingly Remembered

    Phil, so sorry to hear of your loss. You and the family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. Leviblue

    Miter gauge - Recommendations

    Anyone tried the Kreg version miter gauge? Looks similar to the Incra, but is less expensive. Reviews state it's a bit more involved to adjust and set angles.
  6. Leviblue

    Miter gauge - Recommendations

    I had an Incra and sold it because I didn't use it. Then when I sold my Jet TS and bought the vintage Delta, I need a miter gauge. As a hoarder wanna be, I knew I should've kept it! I'll check out other recommendations as well. May need to stop by Klingspor.
  7. Leviblue

    Miter gauge - Recommendations

    I'm looking for a replacement miter gauge for my table saw. I don't make a lot of cuts requiring super precise angles. Basic use is a typical cross cut, 22.5 and 45 degree cuts. Any recommendations from this group is always appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  8. Leviblue

    Latest Turnings

    Charlie, I'm constantly amazed at how detailed your work is and how great it looks. Awesome job as usual!
  9. Leviblue

    New member from the Quay.

    Welcome to the group.
  10. Leviblue

    Down sizing

    Table saw was sold as well as the bench planner. I have posted a few items in the for sale forum. As I continue to go through the tool cabinets, I'll post. I've still need to look at my PC routers, I think one if the 1.5hp needs a new home.
  11. Leviblue

    Porter Cable 352vs Belt Sander

    3x21 variable speed belt sander. Cord strain release is cracked, but no other know issues. Asking $75, obo.
  12. Leviblue


    Why did you come to NCWW? I was looking for like minded people to connect with. Why do you stay? To find out information on a problem I may have encountered with a project. Offer input on topics I feel I can speak intelligently about, most of the time. What do you like about NCWW? This is a...
  13. Leviblue

    Down sizing

    I've got Porter Cable sanders, belt and palm. I believe I also have a new old stock detail sander that's never been used. I do have some slotted flat head, screws. Not sure of the quantity. I travel back and forth to Charlotte a lot, so when I get a chance I'll update the For Sale section of...
  14. Leviblue

    Down sizing

    Due to life changes, we plan to downsize our house and that includes my tool space. I've been fortunate enough to have acquired many duplicate power tools over the years. This includes sanders, drills, routers, scroll saw, table saw, various numbers of drill bits, hammers, pneumatic tools...
  15. Leviblue

    New tablesaw

    I wouldn't use WD40 as it can transfer to you wood surface and ruin the applied finish. Use something like Boshield or a Sandaro surface protectant. Both will not transfer to your wood when dry and also reduces friction.
  16. Leviblue

    Biesemeyer or Vega Fence for Table Saw

    Do you notice any flexing on the outfeed side that would affect the saw cutting operation? That's the one negative, other than the price, from other users.
  17. Leviblue

    Biesemeyer or Vega Fence for Table Saw

    Anyone here with experience on upgraded table saw fence systems? I've heard good things about both the Biesemeyer and Vega fences. The Vega is more budget friendly, but I'd rather buy something that's going to last and be more accurate in cuts than just getting a fence.
  18. Leviblue

    Charlotte hsbitat on wendover

    Are you able to find replacement parts?
  19. Leviblue

    Not a bowl but I did turn it...

    Nice pen.
  20. Leviblue

    Charlotte hsbitat on wendover

    I stopped by the Wendover store and bought the saw. I'm looking for a few upgrades to it, blade throat plates and a replacement side motor cover. It's in pretty good shape for it's age. But its heavy! The sanding station was already gone. The shape was still there.

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