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  1. Bas

    Chaos or shoulda' had a SawStop

    Thanks for sharing your story, good reminder to always pay attention. Doesn't take much for the mind to wander in the shop. Hope you're back to making sawdust soon! cut was somewhat jagged - next time I'll use a cross cut blade How many teeth do you recommend for slicing a finger? And for...
  2. Bas

    Glue-Up "Accident"

    Been there, done that. It's a quick trade-off calculation between pain, blood, cleanup, redoing the project, etc. Rule of thumb (pun intended!): If it's not gushing, finish the glue-up :-)
  3. Bas

    General sanding question

    I typically stop at 220, progressing 80-120-180-220. For really rough pieces or end grain cutting boards, I'll start at 60, for smooth wood off the planer I'll start at 120. I will use card scrapers where effective, but still always sand, haven't quite gotten the technique down for a perfectly...
  4. Bas


    That came out great! I will need to design a custom fitting to fit the dust port on my jointer/ planer, but that's just a tapered cylinder. Where did you get the gasket from?
  5. Bas

    Shop Build

    Looking better and better, how's the dust collection underneath working? Must have been a fun install :-)
  6. Bas

    Finally Done

    Beautiful work, love quartersawn oak. Kudos on the hardware, that's a perfect match.
  7. Bas

    New turning

    Looks great Earl,'s got holes in it! :-)
  8. Bas

    Does this count as a woodworking accident?

    It's a wood accident, not a woodworking accident. It doesn't count, therefore you couldn't be hurt. Any damage to your body is just a figment of your imagination :-) Ouch, sounds painful! Sometimes the simplest of operations (i.e. walking) can hurt us the most. Hope things heal quickly!
  9. Bas

    Coffee Table

    Very cool design, definitely something different! Beautiful wood, is bending quartersawn stock easier/ harder/ same as flatsawn?
  10. Bas

    Beginning Young Woodworker in NC

    Welcome aboard! Don't forget to post pictures. Yes, I'm not the first to mention this. Won't be the last one either :-)
  11. Bas

    orbital sander with shop vac connectivity

    I've had the most luck buying a separate hose and matching the hose brand to the sander. I have two Bosch sanders and the dust hose fits both of them. The other side of the hose fits my Rigid shop vac. If you use the standard hose that comes with the shop vac, it's hit or miss if it will fit the...
  12. Bas

    My Adventures in 3D Printing

    Congrats on getting your first print done! Always a major milestone to get the machine working. There's always things you can do to tweak the setup, but it's nice when it actually does what it's supposed to. As for getting an assembled machine vs. a kit, that's definitely a matter of...
  13. Bas


    Pretty cool concept. I have to remove/ reattach my dust collector hose every time I change my jointer to planer and vice versa. I 3D printed a tapered fitting that works OK, but it wouldn't be too difficult to make something like this with magnets, and it'll probably preserve the paint on the...
  14. Bas

    What happens when we are gone?

    When I was in college, I had some solid wood furniture, but it was old, beaten up, and usually patched/ painted. I also had some particle board furniture which, although not very sturdy, at least looked nice and was easy to clean. And it was affordable. Very few people (I was going to say...
  15. Bas

    Puzzle cabinet finally completed

    Wow, that is so cool, both the puzzles themselves as well as all the secret compartments in the cabinet. The paintings take it to whole different level. Great work!!!
  16. Bas

    Woods I am currently working with

    The Iroko looks beautiful, almost like teak. Should be a nice looking table!
  17. Bas

    Misaligned holes in tile for shower enclosure

    I did. Unfortunately, the piece is symmetrical, with the middle hole centered. I should write Delta and tell them to stop doing that. Nobody cares if the top bumper is at 5" from the top and the bottom bumper is 6" from the bottom. Or maybe they did that so that you can't accidentally do the...
  18. Bas

    Misaligned holes in tile for shower enclosure

    Thanks everyone for the ideas! Agreed, but I'm not sure where I can find the tiles, the previous owners did not leave any extras. Epoxy putty sounds like a winner here. I'm with you Fred, every project is an excuse reason to get a new tool. The problem isn't drilling the new hole, it's that...
  19. Bas

    Misaligned holes in tile for shower enclosure

    I'm replacing the shower doors in one of the bathrooms. It's a semi-frameless style with two sliding glass doors, virtually identical to what was in there before. Note the key word "virtually". After spending a fun half day scraping away old silicone caulk (still not done...this stuff outlasts...
  20. 1579364840-picsay.jpg


    Shower door enclosure

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