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  1. dazart

    Garage heater

    I ordered this lady week - it's supposed to arrive Wednesday, buti read somewhere after I bought it that it doesn't work with 220v, only 240 so I was confused.
  2. dazart

    Garage heater

    My workshop is our 2 car garage. Any suggestions on a good heater? I have a 220 outlet but when I look around the heaters I look at say 240v.
  3. dazart

    Dust collector upgrade thoughts

    Bummer - One of the "cannot be used for " conditions on the 20% coupon is "Central Machinery".
  4. dazart

    Dust collector upgrade thoughts

    I have a few tools that have 4" dust connectors and I don't think my shop vac is cutting it anymore. Unfortunately I don't have a lot to put towards something, but does anyone have any suggestions for a minor step up? I saw Harbor Freight has a 2hp one for about 200. That's probably about the...
  5. dazart

    Degreaser on new bandsaw table?

    Why the heck did I think it had silicone?
  6. dazart

    Degreaser on new bandsaw table?

    I bought a new bandsaw and the manual says to use wd40 to get the protective coating off the table, but I thought that was bad for wood because it contains silicone. Looking for thoughts/suggestions.
  7. dazart

    Empty garage!

    Here's some pictures.
  8. IMG_20191005_122154374.jpg


  9. IMG_20191005_122133687.jpg


  10. dazart

    Empty garage!

    We're going Saturday to show it to the parents, so I'll try to remember to take some.
  11. dazart

    Empty garage!

    Yep - it's a new construction, but it's already built.
  12. dazart

    Empty garage!

    We're moving into a new construction in November. It's empty - No cabinets, no storage, nothing. The only thing that could impact where I put something is a drop down ladder to get into some storage space above the garage. Are there any good places to kind of figure out how to lay it out? I...
  13. new garage

    new garage

  14. Bandsaw


    pictures of bandsaw for sale
  15. IMG_20190924_113858319.jpg


    Front of bandsaw
  16. IMG_20190924_113906656.jpg


    Bandsaw details
  17. IMG_20190924_113913768.jpg


    Bandsaw base - Shop Fox
  18. finished bench

    finished bench

  19. dazart

    Adding strength to outdoor bench seat.

    I'm replacing the wood on my MIL's outdoor bench. Nick (NTCook) gave me some Angelim Pedra wood almost a year ago (wow - i've been 'sitting' on this project for quite some time). I wasn't able to get the strips quite as wide as the original pieces, but they were close. The only place it'll...
  20. dazart

    Trade in bandsaw?

    I'll try to take some video and try to describe what's happening this week.

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