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  1. quid_non

    Recall - CREE LED T8 Tubes - - Fire Hazard
  2. quid_non

    Harbor Freight Store open in Durham!

    Hi All! Looks like the HF store is now open in Durham. Located by I85 where the old KMART was. Got this 10% off coupon by e-mail. Made a copy to pass on to anyone who wants it. Enjoy!! Best Wayne
  3. quid_non

    Need ~70bf White Oak

    Hi all! Looking for a fair price (prefer to support local sawyers if possible) on dry White oak for an outdoor glider project: 8/4 30bf 5/4 15 bf 4/4 25 bf I can pick up. If anyone can supply, please respond here or send PM. Thanks! Wayne
  4. quid_non

    How to make small, perfectly round circles?

    Hi All! I'm trying to repair some goofs I made when installing euro hinges in some oak cabinet doors. Issue is I need to "plug" the 1 3/8" hole I put in the wrong side. Any ideas on how to cut a perfectly round 1 3/8" "oak plug"? I don't have a scrool saw, but do have a band saw. I thought...
  5. quid_non

    Drill Bit Set - Any Advice??

    Hi all! I'm looking to replace my aging set of dull hi speed steel drill bits. Any advice on the different types (cobalt, gold tipped, etc...) to consider? I'd like to get a good quality set of bits covering a range of sizes. I'll likely dedicate 'em to wood, but may be used for metal also...
  6. quid_non

    Sawzall Recommendations??

    Hi All! I'm in the market for a sawzall and thought I would ask for some advice from users. Which one would you recommend for general framing carpentry use? Can they be used to cut metal (i.e. ~5/8 " bolts)? Also any comments on batt vs AC power would be appreciated. Thanks for any help...
  7. quid_non

    Looking for planer service

    Hi All! I'm looking for a place to take ~1000bf of fir/pine for surface planing. I recently came across a great deal on some old gym bleacher seats and need to have the lacquer/poly finish removed. Would like the location to be within 30-100miles of Durham - I can drop off and pick up. Would...
  8. quid_non

    Stacked Dada Blade - Assembly Tips

    Hi All - Anyone got tips/suggestions on how they assemble their stacked dado blade on their table saw? I was cutting some 3/4" dado's this weekend and seems like it took forever to get all the cutters (4 of 'em) on, alligned and ready to go. Is is critical that all cutters are 90 degrees apart...
  9. quid_non

    Merlin Splitter - Problem with Delta Table Saw

    Hi All - Anybody got a Delta Table Saw and put a Merlin Splitter on it? I really like the splitter, but it causes a huge problem when I attempt to bevel cut. At more than 40 degrees it literally pushes the insert up and binds. It was set up correctly, but me thinks there is a design flaw...
  10. quid_non

    Tongue Drum ??

    Hi all - Been some time since my last post. Got the latest wood magazine and saw the plans for a tongue drum. Got me interested and went to as was amazed at how these things sound!! Anyone out there bulit one? Got any advice?? Thanks quidnon
  11. quid_non

    Gambrel Roof Advice

    Greetings all - Need some expert advice. LOML and me are building a "cozy" shack in the mountains of Virginia. Gonna be 20'x20'. I'm thinking of putting a Gambrel style roof on it to allow additional space for a loft /second story. Any suggestions about trusses vs stick built? Any other...
  12. quid_non

    Any good CAD Woorking Programs

    Hi All - Anyone had any good experience with CAD for Woodworking Design and preparing material lists? Any recommendations? Thanks quid_non
  13. quid_non

    Good Source for Wood - Ral/Dur/Gboro area?

    Hi all - I getting ready to build some outdoor furniture - garden benches and chairs (saw some nice plans in the latest Wood magazine). I'm thinking of using either cedar, cypress or white oak. I'd like to keep the cost affordable and will likely need ~150bft. Any suggestions on the choice...
  14. quid_non

    Hello From Bahama, NC

    Greetings All - Quid_non here. Glad I found the site - lot's of great people and ideas here! Based on some of the pic's I have seen - Wow! What a talented group of woodworkers. :eusa_danc I've been "collecting" power tools for about 20 years and using them longer. Mostly interested in...

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