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    circular planers

    I have two circular planers about 3" in diameter. My uncle used to be a pattern maker and he used them on a drill press to plane small pieces of wood. Has anyone ever used one on a router? I have a 30" x 48" cutting board that needs flattening. I want to build a frame with sled to carry my...
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    Custom furniture quote near Burlington

    A lady at church has asked for someone to make some furniture from her 25+ year old walnut (air dried). She wants furniture made for her grandson. I don't know what pieces she would like made. She has a big stack of walnut that was her late husband's. If you are interested, I will give you her...
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    Best paint for new wood kids toy cabinets

    New cabinets are made from plywood. Primer is Rustoleum Cover Stain, so far. Paint stores all suggest water based Latex enamel with an oil based primer. Olympic One, Olympic Assure and Benjamin Moore Advance has been recommended. A local professional painter has said not to use latex. Will have...
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    Reclaimed wood

    A friend of mine has recently removed about 60 feet of Oak beams from an old barn. The beams are 6" x 9 1/2" x @12'. He wanted to know if anyone would buy them. I said that I would ask you guys. He hasn't priced them because he doesn't know a good price to ask. There is about 4.7bf per lineal...
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    To resaw or not to resaw Honduras Mahogany

    I just bought 100+ bf of Genuine Honduras Mahogany 10/4's x 10" and 12" x 10 and 12 feet long. What is the consensus, resaw when needed or resaw now? My stepson has a house that is trimmed in Honduras Mahogany. I bought this for his remodeling projects. He is presently remodeling a bathroom...
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    Lumber supplier

    I have a friend that has retired from logging and saw milling (commercial in Reidsville, NC). He's 57. He lives in Southern Alamance county, NC. Between Burlington and Liberty. He would like to know if any of you guys ever need band saw sawmill lumber. He is bored. He can get domestic logs from...
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    Woodtek 24" Band Saw

    Does anyone have a Woodtek 24" band saw operator's manual that I could get a copy of? I bought a used band saw made in 1999. I asked Eric Fairfield of Woodworkers Supply for a copy and received five pages that don't tell me much and has the parts list by numbers, but no descriptions or blow up...

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