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  1. quid_non

    3D Printers

    1. What model do you have? Anycubic I3 Mega S 2. What do you like about it? Everything - works as advertised and a great entry price (less than $200) 3. What do you dislike about it? Not much - now wishing I added a second extruder to allow easy multiple color printing - nice to have but not...
  2. quid_non

    Is a 3D printer useful in the shop? Yes!

    Great advice and overview Bas - many thanks for giving me more to think about. I have used Sketchup in the past but not often. Still on the fence about this - - appreciate the overview and thoughtful comments!
  3. quid_non

    Is a 3D printer useful in the shop? Yes!

    Been interested in this 3D printing also - wondering how steep is the learning curve for software? Considering the Anycubic Mega-S unit. Anyone have one of these? Are the files from different #D printer makers compatible (i.e. if I see something on Makerbot Thingiverse can I use for...
  4. quid_non

    Router Table and Lift Options

    Thanks Ken - - would you mind posing a few pics of your homemade table? Are the plans available? Thanks!
  5. quid_non

    Raleigh area Lunch Bunch Meets this Friday

    Been a while for me - - I'm in!
  6. quid_non

    Trend Air Shield

    Yes! Thanks for the tip - just placed the order - - - you ROCK!! Thanks
  7. quid_non

    Trend Air Shield

    Agree with comments above- -while I don't have the Trend Air Shield I have a very old 3M device that is very similar. It has now bit the dust (all puns intended) and replacement parts (filters) are no longer available despite heroic efforts to locate. I'm going to but the Trend AirShield Pro...
  8. quid_non

    Recall - CREE LED T8 Tubes - - Fire Hazard
  9. quid_non

    2015 Annual Picnic May 16

    Count me in for a total of two. Will bring ice-cold watermelon for the seed spittin' contest??
  10. quid_non

    Segmented Turning Workshops

    Hi Charlie! Please count me in on March 14th if space allows. Please let me know if I can contribute to the refreshment/food table. Thanks' Wayne
  11. quid_non

    new cordless drill

    Agree with Randy here. I am now I need of replacing a Rigid "lifetime warranty" 12V battery pack. If you follow the process from Rigid, on their website, it is pretty unfriendly - ....HOW TO OBTAIN SERVICE UNDER THE LIFETIME SERVICE AGREEMENT YOUR LIFETIME SERVICE AGREEMENT IDENTIFICATION...
  12. quid_non

    Cap'n Eddie Castlin headin' home!

    Such GREAT news - - he's a wonderful person and virtual mentor. Hoping for a fast and 200% recovery!!
  13. quid_non

    Segmented Project Planner

    Nice sled! Thanks Hank Agree with Tom, time to review my old trigonometry notes??:roll:
  14. quid_non

    Segmented Project Planner

    Thanks for the follow up Ken - I enjoyed meeting you and the group at lunch Friday. Especially enjoyed sifting through the Tiger wood. For segmented turning - anyone tried a software package by woodturner pro:
  15. quid_non

    Raleigh area Lunch Bunch Meets this Friday

    Had a great time meeting fellow woodworkers today and getting an AWESOME deal on the tiger wood - - Thanks to all. Encourage all, if possible, to make an opportunity to have lunch wit this great group - you will learn tons an make life long friends! Thanks Kevin for the truckload of t'wood and...
  16. quid_non

    Segmented Turning Workshop

    Hi Charlie! Missed the last ones - but am really interested in learning from you - please count me in
  17. quid_non

    Segmented Turning Workshop

    I'd like to learn the magic - if there is space still available. You do really nice work! Thanks
  18. quid_non

    December 19 at 8:00 pm Sketchup Workshop

    I'm also in if there is room. Thanks
  19. quid_non

    Kitchen Shears and QR Powder...Gotta Gitcha' Some!

    Here is another great product for cuts/bleeding developed by a local RTP company. It's available on-line
  20. quid_non

    RAS value?

    Hi Bill! I'm not familiar with that Craftsman model, but I like radial arm saws (RAS)- esp for people getting into wood working. If you already have a table saw and miter saw, think twice, but they will do most (not all) of a table saw, need less space and are worth the investment. I started...

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