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    circular planers

    Thanks, guys. I will not even consider using the planer in a router, now. Joe
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    circular planers

    I have two circular planers about 3" in diameter. My uncle used to be a pattern maker and he used them on a drill press to plane small pieces of wood. Has anyone ever used one on a router? I have a 30" x 48" cutting board that needs flattening. I want to build a frame with sled to carry my...
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    How to tweak a dado?

    My set of dados has thin shims. They are about 3-4" diameter circles. You put them between your dado blades as needed. Joe
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    Remote control for dust collector

    Not an air compressor motor. I bought it new for the sole purpose of powering the dust collector. It is TEFC. At the same time, I bought another 7 1/2hp 1ph for my air compressor. It is also TEFC.
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    Remote control for dust collector

    No. This motor is 1ph 220v.
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    Remote control for dust collector

    I used a magnetic starter with 120v coil and a cheap remote from amazon to operate a 7 1/2 hp dust collector. The remote turns the power on to the 120v coil therefore the magnetic starter turns the DC on.
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    How are you disposing of your oily finishing rags?

    Careful Scott. Oily rags aren't suppose to be washed in your household clothes washer for fear of exploding. Don't see how, but it has happened. Joe
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    replacement jointer knives

    I have the ESTA diposable blades on my 16" jointer. These blades had been installed on a 1948 J.A. Fay & Egan 16" jointer prior to my aquisition. I have flipped the blades since. I really like these blades. I have recently bought the setup for my Powermatic 16" planer, but haven't installed...
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    Mineral oil on cutting board...does it ever stop seeping out?

    I agree with the mineral oil and beeswax mix. This won't even leave a fingerprint. Joe
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    Installing cabinets

    You can use hardwood on all cabinet floor contact surfaces. You can also use plywood to cover the whole floor under the cabinet exactly where the cabinet will set Only the outside (fronts and exposed ends) edges need to be flush. Joe
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    Request from a Woodworker out west

    Without going to find the my left hand thread tap. Is this 12 threads/inch still used on newer models? I had mine made at the machine shop. I had to buy the tap. But it is a simple process. If it is the same as my tap, I will see if I can have one made for him. Joe
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    Custom furniture quote near Burlington

    Re: Are there any furniture makers for sale I like your title better than mine. Thanks, Joe
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    Custom furniture quote near Burlington

    A lady at church has asked for someone to make some furniture from her 25+ year old walnut (air dried). She wants furniture made for her grandson. I don't know what pieces she would like made. She has a big stack of walnut that was her late husband's. If you are interested, I will give you her...
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    Keeping the Lumber Against the Fence

    If you decide that you are going to build a roller out feed table for your saw, try this. The out feed that I designed and built works to keep the lumber against the fence. The rollers are in a small angle installed in a frame. When the lumber rolls over the out feed the angle slightly pushes...
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    Cast iron cleaning

    Don;t forget that you can buy a Scotch Brite pad for your belt sander. I have used this for rusty tops and for cleaning dried glue off of my cast iron glue up table. Joe
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    Piedmont Hardwood - Mt. Pleasant

    Jerry, I couldn't find my paper in the shop, but I found it on the internet. Y&Y Hardwoods Thomasville, NC 336 476 6104 I haven't actually been to the Thomasville yard yet, because they used to be close to me in Alamance County countryside. I have talked to them since moving to Thomasville...
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    Piedmont Hardwood - Mt. Pleasant

    I will find the phone number for the yard when I go back to the shop. Joe
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    Piedmont Hardwood - Mt. Pleasant

    I have ridden by Piedmont Hardwoods numerous times and wondered about that same question. But, a friend of mine that used to be a logger and part owner of a big saw mill and yard in Reidsville, NC, says that Piedmont Hardwoods probably wouldn't sell you a board or even 100 bf. There is an...
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    IRS Auctions

    I have bought several items from IRS auctions. Sometimes the machines are too big to load by hand. Before bidding, I usually check with the IRS rep for that sale to find a rigger that will be loading at that site. I have made deals with the riggers to load. One even said that he would pallet...

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