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    Recent Turnings

    Fun. Where's that catalog photographer?
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    Urethane bandsaw tires

    Call Lewis Iturra.
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    WTB Formica

    Don't recall seeing any. Maybe worth a revisit to the Restore.
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    WTB Formica

    OBTW, just click on the blue 'Dee2' to see where I hail from.
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    WTB Formica

    Thanks Mike. I don't have any more trips planned to Ohio, currently. LOL! If I do, I'll stop by.
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    WTB Formica

    Dr., I'm in Winterville. Checked the Winterville Habitat store and they had none. Checked big blue in W'ville and they only had full sheets. Some thick (horizontal) some thin (vertical) - just learned about that. I've had success with cabinet shops in other towns we have lived in. Don't know...
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    WTB Formica

    Looking for a scrap of formica with a smooth/glossy finish. Need something from which I can harvest a minimum 20" diameter clear piece.
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    Bandsaw Adjustment Help Needed, Please

    Don't count on Iturra's email being effective. It has been hit or miss with me over the past. The phone call always seem to work.
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    Bandsaw Adjustment Help Needed, Please

    Lewis Iturra. His phone number pops on here often. No webpage. No email. If you order anything (by phone), you usually get a catalog. Doesn't hurt to mention you want a catalog. The catalog is more like a 14" Delta bandsaw comprehensive owners manual with plenty of facts and products for...
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    Last Chance for Ash? Lumber Run in Charlotte?

    Thanks. Thinking about this and realizing that Charlotte is just too far for me. I am disappointed. I appreciate your consideration.
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    Last Chance for Ash? Lumber Run in Charlotte?

    Thank you. Simple crotches are fine. No milling required for me. However, if you need them for beams, beam away.
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    Last Chance for Ash? Lumber Run in Charlotte?

    I'd be interested in (crotch pieces) turning stock, but I'm not a production turner.
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    The job I did not want but ...

    And a job most wonderfully done.
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    Lovingly Remembered

    My heartfelt condolences. May your memories of times together provide solace and comfort. May peace from above shelter you and your family. If I can be of service, please reach out.
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    What tools do I need for making pens?

    And...drill press = pen press
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    Latest Harpsichords

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    How I always rememebr Christmas

    Interesting arrangement. Thank you for sharing. It also made learn how to outsmart the Apple to get it to work, LOLl
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    Merry Christmas Group!

    Thank you Klingspor. Wishing you prosperity and great vision in 2020.
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    Just left the blue box... Winterville NC. If you are looking for clamps some are in the tool section ($19), some are at the end of aisle 19 ($24).
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    Not endorsing. Don't own it. Yost F118 18" F-clamp, $9.99 on Amazon (Smile.

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