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    Performax 16-32 Plus Drum Sander

    thanks Scott. i don't have the manuals but they are on the internet.
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    Danish Modern Bench

    i am posting this in the hand tools area but this is a project that uses both. all surfaces are finished using hand tools only. i am going to weave a seat so i'll post a picture later showing that....if it comes out good. but in the meantime...i did figure out how to hand plane some wavy grain...
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    Performax 16-32 Plus Drum Sander

    sounds about right. i think performax might now be branded as supermax also. they look exactly the same.
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    Performax 16-32 Plus Drum Sander

    16 inch wide drum, open ended so you could do 32 inch wide stock. you can see from picture that its not on the factory stand. i had it on a shop made stand but i have the factory stand as well. Comes with a couple rolls of sand paper. i can leave the stand disassembled for transport or put the...
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    Finish for wenge picture frame

    an oil or a poly will *typically* make it look darker thru deeper absorption. for example, i rarely use those on Walnut because for me, i prefer the lighter tones rather than bringing out the darker ones. i think your suggestion is a pretty good one. if you get a blond shellac like sealcoat for...
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    Recent projects, new techniques, and new toys

    nearly final pictures. wedged with some holly that i dried myself (came out mostly white). added feet that are glued. didnt really need screws but used some to keep it from sliding around during glue up. then replaced them with the brass ones you see here.
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    Miter gauge - Recommendations

    i have the Incra 1000 and its only okay in my view. works good in spurts but will lose the setting from time to time. there are 3 screws going into machined holes that seem to me an odd way to attach the miter portion to the fence. seems easy to knock, even slightly out of square. once you do...
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    Recent projects, new techniques, and new toys

    first is a gift for the wife, a tissue box made from rift / quarter saw walnut. i did 1/8 inch box joints cut with a full kerf rip blade. me and the 3 year old glued it up for mom. the second set is a curly maple frame using mitered half lap joints. pretty fun to figure out. all cut with the...
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    General Finishes High Performance Semi-Gloss

    i have never had luck brushing on water based finishes. i've had a lot of luck spraying them. this exact product is awesome when you spray. they are designed to dry fast and so i always get runs and lines. i get the same thing with lacquer or building coats of shellac. i'm just not skilled...
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    Tenoning jig?

    i use my tenoning jig for my delta TS all the time. i use it for centering tenons and even more helpful is when you use spacers. the spacers are also especially helpful for cutting tenons with angled shoulders. i'm not sure if a homemade jig would be as beefy as the metal one delta made.
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    Routing advice

    i would fill with epoxy first if for only one reason....sanding will be less. i assume you will be using some sort of bowl or cove bit. if the void is already filled, then the epoxy areas get the same sanding treatment as everywhere else. **putting epoxy on end grain can tricky and cause...
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    Outdoor finish

    nothing holds in the sun and rain. thats my experience at least. my last few outdoor projects....i've chosen a wood with some outdoor characteristics like white oak and mahogany. on those projects, i went with a few coats of outdoor oil to give it a finished look. i didnt build up a film so...
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    "Free" Bent lamination workshop

    i would be interested in this.
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    Update on my kidney transplant status

    hey Brent, i've been going thru something related. about 8 weeks ago i had pains in my side and thru tests we discovered a mass in my right kidney. i had the kidney removed last monday and pathology came back and it was indeed clear cell renal cell carcinoma. I had robot assisted radical...
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    Cherry Question

    the boiled linseed or tung oil component works really nice with Cherry. if you put oil like that on a whiter wood, say maple, it really yellows. but with the red tones of cherry, it adds a richness that is nice. you can integrate that step into any formula, including the ones mentioned here.
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    Air Dried Walnut

    wake forest, near the lowes food on highway 98
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    Air Dried Walnut

    the guy i bought it from seemed to know what he had. I did buy it after all. i have not made anything from the portion of the stack that i'm keeping so i can't speak from experience yet. he said it had been air drying "4 or 5 years". i have a poorly performing prong moister meter. i cut off...
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    Air Dried Walnut

    this is my post: i'd discount to $200 for a member.
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    homemade mortiser

    i bumbled thru it to some extent. my advice, assemble in the opposite order i did. get the router support part created, square to the edge, square to the table and then build the work piece tables to be square to that. if you get linear bearings, beware of the clearances on everything. made in...

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