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    New domestic wood source

    Hello folks. Specialty Wood Distributors, based in Charlotte, NC, has variety of domestic hardwood pieces, burls and slabs. We are a small but growing company that caters to woodworkers, turners, people who care, interior designers looking for that interesting and unique piece of wood, etc...
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    Looking for Walnut boards

    I am in the Charlotte area and in need of Walnut boards at least 8" wide. Can be rough. Does not have to be clear and would rather have some blemishes and knots, etc. Please email me at: Thanks.
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    Aromatic Red Cedar

    Hello John. Thanks for the fast reply. Are some of the logs at least 8 inches in diameter? If so, what did you have in mind about a trade?
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    Aromatic Red Cedar

    Hello Folks. Is there anyone in the Charlotte-Metro area that has Red Cedar logs, either standing or down that are at least 8 inches in diameter they want to get rid of? I can cut and haul it off. If you are willing to help me out, I will make something out of a piece of it for you. Please...

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