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    Leaf blower died

    On my husky chainsaws I just find parts and or material that matches, the older versions motors do not have all the eco garbage on them so they are pretty basic. The leaf blower is similar to one of the smaller chainsaw motors. What I do is mic. all the parts I need and find something at a small...
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    Toy for Tots Realistic Truck Model Suggestion

    You're right ! what was I thinking, I musta hit the pipe too many times ............ SMH Yeah I actually saw one driving ... it is, in fact really that UGLY, worse it is pretty high off the ground, think ford 250 4x4 with mud boggin tires. But one of my co workers told me it has air suspension...
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    Tenoning jig miter slot fitment

    How much wider is it ? in thousandths please this answers what you can do and how to move forward
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    Toy for Tots Realistic Truck Model Suggestion

    Finally ! we can make a true to scale looking Truck out of wood. Image the kids joy in seeing a real spittin' image of a 2020 truck currently on the market !! Seriously, this truck design is a perfect example why people shouldn't use drugs :D But Hey ! at least we can finally make a real...
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    Digikey another vote here. I used to use allied but they bought out by someone things then changed. When I run into looking older stuff, I look find online at one of the forums like this one fo wood and ask there, lots of people will come out of the wood work and get you the inside connections...
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    Latest Project from Less than Perfect Board

    Really cool looking, What epoxies are ya'll using ?
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    Latest Project

    Nice Work indeed !!!
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    Vintage Powermatic 6" Jointer - $150

    Bummer me too ! I woulda loved that ............ oh well
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    Tried way too hard on this.....

    Dude ! how come you didn't use black anodized aluminum ? and how come you didn't inlay the "FUJI" .......... slacker ........... :p Nicely done !
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    Recent projects, new techniques, and new toys

    Beautiful looks great ! .......... like my wife comments to me "looks like a professional did this ......" :p:rolleyes:
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    Degreaser on new bandsaw table?

    WD-40 funny story / Interesting Story The Military in WW-2 were looking for a water dispersent Not surprising was after the 40th mix design ......... ergo WD-40 WD=Water Dispersent 4oth formula which is primarily fish oil and hydro-carbons as a solvent and propellant. Turned out fish oil...
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    Safety with Power - Elec Look at this !

    Table rate THW, THWN, RHW rated @ 75c at 60amps. THHN, or other equally rated wire which is heat rated @ 90c is rated to a max of 75 amps .......... PROVIDED: All connections from point of power supply to final connection is also rated @ 90c. This means the breaker, buss bar, wire nuts and...
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    Stable Rubber Mats

    Yes, Agreed we do use them in our service trucks as well, just kinda amazing how cheap they are compared to the fitted ones auto supply stores sell
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    Safety with Power - Elec Look at this !

    Agreed if you are running the hot leg through the switch. In the home though, most new homes are ALL 14 ga pretty crazy if you ask me.
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    Stable Rubber Mats

    Never thought about the protecting the dropped tool, thanks for that Mike.
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    Stable Rubber Mats

    Don't know if anyone has ever tried these: 4'x6 ft Rubber stable Mats WE use these to put on slabs to cut vibration from Air Handling Equipment. They work very well, I brought a couple pieces to try outy on my lathe to reduce the vibration. My Lathe is 435 lbs but not bolted down, this does...
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    Safety with Power - Elec Look at this !

    That is typical to wire that way except for bathrooms with resistance heat. Lights and switch legs are the only thing I wire in 14 ga. That way, after the walls are closed up you see 14 ga you know it is not line voltage, but switches or lights.
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    Safety with Power - Elec Look at this !

    I agree but I am just a manager, who used to be a licensed Engineering, General, Underground, Plumbing, Hvac, and Elec contractor ............ but what would do I know ? .......:rolleyes: because people are busy labor groups are letting in a lot of people in who should not be doing this kind...
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    The American Chestnut

    I read about this when they started to do it, I really hope it is successful, would be a great story of rebirth.

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