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  1. Tom from Clayton

    Need a new dado set

    Keep it coming, gentlemen. I'm starting to enjoy this.
  2. Tom from Clayton

    Need a new dado set

    No need to shut up, Pete. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear in my initial post.
  3. Tom from Clayton

    If you just gave up?

    Getting rid of them sounds kind of permanent. Next year may bring on a complete change of mind.
  4. Tom from Clayton

    Need a new dado set

    Thanks all for the responses. This close to Christmas I'm going to have to hold my breath for a bit before jumping.
  5. Tom from Clayton

    Need a new dado set

    It's time to replace my inexpensive Avenger Premium dado set with something a little better and hopefully sharper than this 25 year old set. Am looking for something in the $100 range. I'm not a frequent user but was cutting some box joints today and my choice is sharpening my current cheap...
  6. Tom from Clayton

    Garage Door Insulation Project

    What mess? Looks like the camera missed it.
  7. Tom from Clayton

    Garage Door Insulation Project

    Rough cost per door?
  8. Tom from Clayton

    Heating my shed this winter

    I also use a kerosene heater in my two car garage/shop. I reduce the cold spots as much as possible by using a small circulating table fan aimed toward the ceiling.
  9. Tom from Clayton

    Cross-country moving costs for ww equipment

    Moving to Michigan next year. The only thing I may not take is my jointer. Seems like it would be way too easy to knock it out of whack because it's so top heavy.
  10. Tom from Clayton

    Labeling Gas Cans

    Thanks for the tip, Bruce. Good one. Why only generators? I currently have two small generators, both only run decently when about 3/4 choked which I thought was due to the alcohol laced fuel I have used in the past.
  11. Tom from Clayton

    Skymaster's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  12. Tom from Clayton

    Popular Woodworking Stepladder

  13. Tom from Clayton

    How are you disposing of your oily finishing rags?

    I do pretty much as Mr Davis does except I lay them over my garbage can for several days then when it's time for the garbage to be picked up I put them in the bin. The key is to spread them out so they can dry easily without too much heat build up.
  14. Tom from Clayton

    Question: Cleaning Bessy K-Body Parallel Clamps

    I have used a wire wheel on the drill press but be advised that a wire wheel is real tough on your knuckles if not careful.
  15. Tom from Clayton

    How to open or see information in the Resources section?

    I have used the "download" button on the upper right side of the screen to open many of them.
  16. Tom from Clayton

    Pressure Washer help?

    Just spent 3 hours using the Harbor Freight electric power washer. Seems like it was about 80 bucks a few years ago. No problems with it since purchase and it's not powerful enough to eat a hole in my deck unless you really try hard. Very easy to use.
  17. Tom from Clayton

    Mini Mill or Alternative Method

    63 is just starting to warm up. I'm 73 and when I was 63 I started looking at how to do the things I've always done but easier and smarter. If you can swing it, buy the mini-mill that works for you for, at least the next 10 years or so.
  18. Tom from Clayton

    Harbor Fright Dust Collector

    I've had one for about 15 years. Works fine. Replaced the on/off switch twice but easily available through
  19. Tom from Clayton

    Wood Sawing moi

    Where in Swansboro are you located?

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