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    cast iron router wing from Peachtree Supply experiences?

    Either ShopNotes, or Woodsmith did an article once on building a router table to replace left side table extension. It's on my bucket list, and has been for several years.
  2. J

    veneer sources

    Capital City Lumber in Raleigh stocks veneers long with hardwoods
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    You Have to Hurry For This Deal Batteryminder 12V/1 amp, $17.99

    November Northen sales flyer had 12V/1 amp Batteryminder for $17.99. Sales ends Dec 14th. Today's Northern sales flyer shows same Batteryminder for $29.99. I own a couple of these to maintain deep cycle batteries, along with battery on both welder and generator. If you need the loop terminals...
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    Tenoning jig miter slot fitment

    You could get some 3/8 X 3/4 aluminum stock, and mill it down using router table as a jointer. You will need to use a carbide tipped bit for best results. You could also use a carbide tipped blade on the table saw. First, do a piece of hardwood to get the exact width needed, then without...
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    Tenoning jig miter slot fitment

    Stop by one of the Klingspor's stores and pick up an adjustable miter slot gauge bar.
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    Buying Clamp Racks

    My clamps (at least part of them) reside on my version of the NYW roll around clamp cart. Based upon cost of clamps, it's the most expensive 4 square feet in my shop.
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    Woodworking & Power Tools - $700 (Apex)

    Planer looks like a DC-33, which is a 13" planeer. How many boards wider than 13" do you actually plane? American made motor, so most likely made by Invicta for Delta. Bob Vaughn can most accurately identify it. Problem with drill press is Reeves drive, for which no parts will be available when...
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    1/8” blade on Grizzly G0555

    Snodgrass is usually at Carter booth at Woodworking shows. Even though I've seen him several times, I always try to catch at least a part of his routine.
  9. J

    Safety with Power - Elec Look at this !

    Look at fixture and see if it's rated for 20 amps. Very few lights are. Remember that you can use 15 amp recpts. on a 20 amp circuit. Pop, here is another one for you. How can I legally run 75 amps on #6 THHN, when tables show 60 amp max.
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    Dust collector

    Get the Grizzly, and add "Top Hat" style Thien Baffle. FYI, the original Top Hat baffle can be found here at NCWW.
  11. J

    Miter gauge - Recommendations

    You will "kick your back side" once you set up your Dubby, saying "Why didn't I do this years ago?" Be sure and watch DVD of how to set it up, plus Jerry's instructions on how to use the Dubby. Just for fun, make your self a seven sided frame.
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    Safety with Power - Elec Look at this !

    When I built our house (1980,) the only #14 anywhere in house was from overhead recessed lights to wall switch. Light fixture was fed using #12. Perfectly legal back then, but maybe not so today.
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    Shop cleanup - miscellaneous *UPDATED FOR SHOP CRAWL*

    Didn't Bas help you move?
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    Mortising chisel sharpening

    Couldn't you use a three jaw chuck, holding the chisel in the rounded portion by which it mounts?
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    1/8” blade on Grizzly G0555

    There is your problem. If you are making wheels co planer, this is done before installing a blade. Snodgrass says it isn't necessary. After installing blade, you only adjust top wheel to get blade to track in center of the upper wheel, then adjust the guides. Wheel is turned by hand for this...
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    circular planers

    Wood Magazine has an article on building a router sled in issue #252, March 2018. Instead of the conveyer brushes they use, I would use a door sweep ( much cheaper) with brush bottom. I have that issue if you would like to borrow it.
  17. J

    1/8” blade on Grizzly G0555

    From Alex Snodgrass's demo. Loosen both upper and lower guides, mount blade and track so gullet of the teeth are centered on upper wheel. Then adjust guides to match blade position. Alex's demo can be seen on line for free
  18. J

    Mortising chisel sharpening

    Nice tip, thanks. Send it into one of the remaining WW mags,and get enough money to go to dinner.
  19. J

    Reclaimed Southern Yellow Pine

    My son wants a farm table built. He salvaged some 2 X 10's from a building built in 1910. Went to cut into them today. What wasn't solid resin, was eat up by powder post beetles. Anybody need some fire starter?

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