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  1. Rwe2156

    Tool of the past or is a radial arm saw awesome?

    Pat, true, this is one of those subjects you're going to find different camps and different opinions. Sliding miters have largely replaced the radial arm. Its also a reason why not many are made anymore. If you check the major machine companies, I'm pretty sure you won't find a RAS carried by...
  2. Rwe2156

    Scandinavian workbench

    Boy that's a steal!!
  3. Rwe2156

    Rough cut with Tommy mac

    I recall watching RoughCut several years ago. I watched the bombe secretary build twice!! Bob Vila actually discovered him while doing a show on North Bennett Street.
  4. Rwe2156

    Don't Laugh

    I think this brings up the point that joinery is the most desireable way to hold wood together accurately. In this case it could be a simple rabbet as Dennis describes, or dowels, floating tenons, etc. or even dowels (but a screw is actually a form of a dowel, isn't it?) Regardless if hole is...
  5. Rwe2156

    Tea table

    Nice piece of work. Maybe one day you could describe how you made the top.
  6. Rwe2156

    Cutting Mortises

    With hickory, I would predrill first.
  7. Rwe2156

    Edge gluing

    Yes. This is where a helical head is nice to have.
  8. Rwe2156

    Tenoning jig?

    I've used them, but I think I get better results with a dado blade and miter gauge or sled.
  9. Rwe2156

    Baltic Birch

    Charlie, It all depends on what you're doing. The birch ply at Home Depot isn't bad, same with the Sandeply. I've built a lot of jigs from both of these, and never had an issue. I've built virtually all my shop cabs from that Radiata pine Home Depot sells. I'm a cheapskate and just can't...
  10. Rwe2156

    Need advice on this walnut and cherry

    How about buying a cheap expandable dining table and replacing the top? This way you can have a leaf or two. The base could be painted or stripped and stained.
  11. Rwe2156

    Breadboard tabletop mortice lenth

    Dittos on this. 1/2 as deep as the BB will be plenty strong enough. I will caution on one thing, though. Check the grain pattern in the BB you want to avoid anything quartersawn or highly rift sawn, as the possibility exists the the board could simply break along the grain if a heavy enough...
  12. Rwe2156

    Hand Tool Wall Cabinet - Humidity Regulation

    It all depends on your climate and humidity level. I've used both humidity rods and dissicant neither did a very good job. There are rust inhibiting drawer liners that I actually think work pretty well. Until I moved all my hand tools into a climate controlled room, corrosion was a constant...
  13. Rwe2156

    Domino Joint verses Mortice and Tenon

    I think they are just as strong as a M/T. I mostly use it for face frame construction and panel glue ups, although lately for ff's I've been going with pocket screws because no clamp time. I built several drawers using and it works well for that, too. Just have to remember to reset the depth...
  14. Rwe2156

    How to tweak a dado?

    Or "kill the wood" by hammering along the edge. This is a common Japanese ww'ing technique.
  15. Rwe2156

    How do I square this.

    There you go! IMO its best to not worry about it just install the back, check diagonals before attaching. Good point whoever mentioned bowing. Sure can lead to some head scratching.
  16. Rwe2156

    How do I square this.

    But you can bring a box into square by unequal or 'nonparallel" clamping. Best way I can describe it is to move one side of the clamp up on the long side (or vise versa?). Doesn't take much. For example, if the left top is 95° (IOW leaning to the right) you can pull it square by dropping the...
  17. Rwe2156

    Electric motor repair shop needed

    What exactly is it doing? If making a lot of noise it could be bearings. Based on a couple experiences, I'd be surprised if they will work on it. I had a nice older model DeWalt radial arm which the motor was weak they said it had to be rewound, and it wasn't economically feasible as it had...
  18. Rwe2156

    whats this drawer style called?

    If you want to just pull the drawer out to me that means no slides, just a standard drawer runner/kicker set up. Another option is a dado in the drawer side that a runner slides into.
  19. Rwe2156

    Bandsaw drift

    Get the fence adjusted for drift and see what happens. That said, the blades that come with a bandsaw are the cheapest, so the first thing is get a good quality blade on the machine. Drift is always a given with a bandsaw. I can be adjusted out follow your manual for adjusting the fence to...
  20. Rwe2156

    What do you do with offcuts?

    Hello, My name is Robert, and I am a wood hoarder. o_O

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