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  1. golfdad

    Garage Door Insulation Project

    I saved time when I built this house and installed insulated doors.
  2. golfdad

    Miter gauge - Recommendations

    Another Incra 1000 user here
  3. golfdad

    Latest Lighthouse

    Nice work Gene
  4. golfdad

    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    Was a very good day. Thank you Phil for organizing and for furnishing us lunch. The last minute addition of Raleigh Reclaimed to let us tour was great. Hope many from NCWW will support there fine business. THanks to all the hosts for opening there shops as well.
  5. golfdad

    Klingspor's Woodworking Shop WINSTON SALEM GRAND ReOpening & Anniversary Sale DECEMBER 7th

    Coleman sorry to miss. I hope the day is a great success.
  6. golfdad

    Shop cleanup - miscellaneous *UPDATED FOR SHOP CRAWL*

    Bas I will take the 4 parts bins
  7. golfdad

    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    Sorry you cant make it Billbut grand kids are much more important than a bunch of old farts driving around town lost
  8. golfdad

    Free lights

    Phil I could use 2
  9. golfdad

    My latest Scrollsaw Project

    Great piece of Art Joe
  10. golfdad

    Need a new dado set

    Another plug for the Freud. I have the SD-508 and been very happy with the results
  11. golfdad

    replacing Workmate tables

    White Oak
  12. golfdad

    4-3/8" Craftsman Jointer Restoration & Shop-Made Cabinet

    great job.....I used to have one of those jointers...worked well for small stock. Love the cabinet also
  13. golfdad

    Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at NCWW. Safe travels to all and good times spent with family
  14. golfdad

    Kickback in Action

    I was reminded daily how bad kickback is when it put me in the hosp for 8 days
  15. golfdad

    High quality lathe tools

    Dad is there a Cole jaw set available?
  16. golfdad

    Cutting Mortises

    Zach I tried and upcut one time and I had a lot of tearout. I now use a down cut for most hings. I am guessing the up/ down might be the ticket
  17. golfdad

    Spray booth Spray area

    I have a sperate 10 x 14 shed that I finish in. I did not have the room to include it in the shop like Bill’s is so the pieces need to be moved from one shop to another on a cart. I t is also climate controlled
  18. golfdad

    250th Segmented Turning

    WoW. Great looking piece Charlie
  19. golfdad


    Hoping for better health to you Bob
  20. golfdad

    Tool of the past or is a radial arm saw awesome?

    I have one I rarely use

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