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    Cutting Mortises

    I have a bench top mortiser, but its a bit light duty for cutting mortises into the hickory posts I'm using to build a bunk bed. Instead of using a bench top mortiser, I was thinking of buying a upcut spiral bit to cut mortises with a router. Any recommendations for a good upcut bit that folks...
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    Hickory Bunk Bed

    Originally I planned to make the bed from curly/figured maple, but 1) I don’t have enough of the curly maple and 2) at the time I only found hard maple for $7.99 bdft. I planned maple because it was part of a mixed lumber deal I found on FB marketplace. I thought about driving up to NC, but...
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    Dewalt Router Disassembly

    Any idea how to remove this locking ring? There are two holes 180 degrees apart (pencil pointing at one) and the center is threaded. Any idea what the tool is called to remove this? Or where to find it?
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    8/4 Maple

    Hi all! I’m trying to find some 8/4 maple within 2 hrs of Columbia, SC. Local to me price is 7.95 bdft or $400 for a slab. I used to buy from Kyle Edwards, who had a much better price than local to me, but he’s retired. Any suggestions? I can’t seem to find the sawyer list either.
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    Threaded Rod Handle Drill Press

    I bought a drill press a few months ago that was missing one of the handles. I’ve searched McMaster car without success. Any other ideas where I can find a 7/16-14 threaded rod with knob handle?
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    Delta Sliding Saw with Stand

    In today’s Woot email: Reviews seem mixed on amazon and I do not personally own this...
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    Odd Saw Blade Modification

    Wondering if anyone has seen something like this: Any idea what the purpose of cutting those “reliefs” oversized?
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    Stanley No 7

    I picked up Stanley no 7 years ago when we was just getting into woodworking. This morning I went to sharpen the blade and think the blade have been shortened. Picture attached. Has this blade been severely shortened?
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    Wanted DW621 Router Base

    This is a long shot, but I’m looking for a dewalt router 621 base: Anyone have a broken 621 laying around? Backstory...a friend gave the router to me already broken. No idea how one would actually break the base!
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    Sliding Pantry Cabinet Shelves

    I’m looking for input in sliding shelves for a pantry cabinet. Originally I planned to build the cabinet with fixed shelves, but realized how difficult it is to find things in the current pantry, so sliding shelves seem to offer a solution. Something like this image pulled from the web...
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    Handsaw Sharpening

    I have accumulated several handsaws over the years and probably need to sharpen them. After looking around online a bit, I’m curious how others are sharpening their hand saws? I’d love to take a class, but I won’t have time for several years. I’m thinking of getting a kit like this to begin...
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    Finished Stair Treads

    Just to follow-up from my old thread: I used bona classic seal and bona traffic anti-slip. The classic seal added just a touch of yellow. The combination is a close match for my prefinished...
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    Slab Top Workbench

    I’m in the planning stage of a workbench too to replace my old one. Please ignore the messy bench—that is my current setup. Backstory: When not in use my unisaw lives under my workbench. My current bench is a solid core wooden door. I purchased a new fence for my unisaw and it does not fit...
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    Free Woodworking Tools

    Hopefully someone here gets this:
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    Unisaw Mobile Cart

    My old mobile base will no longer work with my new fence set up. I have some oak that my neighbor gave to me and I began milling yesterday. I'm going to end up with about 1" thick boards. My thoughts are to make the new base 1'x6'x8' based on the old design: Do you think the 1"x6"x8' will...
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    Irwin Marples Saw Blades

    This camaraderie from Amazon this morning: I’ve never used the saw blades, but this seems like a good deal.
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    Delta Miter Saw 36-235

    I’m thinking about upgrading from a 20 year 10” craftsman compound miter saw and Im looking at a delta sidekick (36-235). It’s a 12” compound miter saw with greater capacity and cut angles. Has anyone used this saw or have one? I’m not looking at or considering a new saw or a slider for...
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    Excalibur Fence Users

    Does anyone use an Excalibur fence (not the sliding table)? I recently acquired one and it did not come with the drill guide for the table top. The instructions do not provide measurements for the guide either. Thanks!
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    Drawer Slide Jigs - Rockler vs Kreg

    I like the idea of a drawer slide jig, but wonder if folks find one more usurious than the other? I tend to only build inset drawer fronts. I’d like feedback from folks that have used these or even another drawer slide jig. The Rockler seems to offer more settings...
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    Stairtread Install

    I’m in the middle of planning to install new stair treads and I’m at a crossroads about what next. Previously I removed vinyl flooring from the ground floor and installed 3/4 hardwood flooring. The treads are now off from top to bottom, which I anticipated. I also pulled carpet off of the old...

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