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    Scroll Saw

    Porter-Cable 18-in PCB375SS Scroll Saw. Used only once and has been sitting in my garage. $125.00 Item in excellent condition. I am in Hope Mills
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    FEIN Multimaster Oscillating Multi-tool kit

    Yea. On the shelf there was 3 so there is 2 more as of yesterday. Connor
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    FEIN Multimaster Oscillating Multi-tool kit

    Home depot has it on clearance for 129.00. Saw it at the Fayetteville store. Reg. 199.00. Connor *it is the FMM 250Q. The one with the soft case.*
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    Chat Help Needed

    Steve, I am not sure what all I can help you with but please let me know. I will take on anything you want to hand out. I will help out with what I can. I will start to throw some ideas at you. I have taken and am certified in Cisco and Microsoft. So I am pretty familiar with...
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    Looking to build an extension table. What kind of material and where to buy it?

    I just made mine out of melamine edged with oak. Since i had bought a full sheet i decided to make an outfeed table also.
  6. Extension Table with Outfeed

    Extension Table with Outfeed

    Extension Table with Outfeed
  7. Extension Table

    Extension Table

    Extension Table
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    Table Saw Blade

    Thanks everyone for your replies.
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    Table Saw Blade

    Hello all, So i want to get a good combination blade. I am thinking between a Forrest. I am not sure exactly which one would be best i think either the Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blade 10" x 40 Tooth or Forrest WW10401125 Woodworker II Grind Saw Blade 10" x...
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    Dewalt 735

    Lowes has the dewalt 735 for $569 regular price was $599. If you are able to get the 10% discount for being military it ends up being about $540ish.Not a crazy deal still better then paying full price
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    Wow thanks everyone for the help. I don't one right the second i will continue to watch for a used one, maybe get a deal. But if it comes down to it i will just go new. Thanks again everyone for your help
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    Looking for my first planer. Looking for some advice. I have about 400 to 500 bucks to spend on one. Was thinking of the Dewalt 734 or the Rigid R4330 they are both at 399. I would also like some good dust collection on them also. Any suggestions would be great on a good one for around that...
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    Hello all

    Hope everyone is doing good. I am new to woodworking and loving every minute of it. Thus far i have pretty much just tinkered around the garage and have been setting up my garage. Which is now my shop.(Thanks to my wife). I've already been searching through the site a bunch. There is so much...

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