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    Miter gauge - Recommendations

    +1 incra 1000. Very happy with it.
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    Epoxy question

    Thanks Mark, very helpful. I would not be sanding the wood past 220 grit, just the epoxy, but since the poly should give me the level of gloss, I will probably sand out the spot I polished and see how it goes. Appreciate the info.
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    Epoxy question

    Thanks for that info, so the oil won't stick to the epoxy, did you put anything else on it? Or is it "naked"!
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    Epoxy question

    Thanks, I got the epoxy at Klingspor-I forget the name but is not west system.
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    Epoxy question

    So I have been playing with a piece of walnut, and wanted to try filling the split with epoxy. Is my first time using epoxy, and fitting butterflies... I want the epoxy to be glossy once this is finished and I have sanded it (just the epoxy part) to 2,000 grit.... it is still hazy so on the far...
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    another table...

    Looks nice! Really beefy - how thick is the top, it looks awesome....
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    Latest Turning

    Amazing as always, Charlie!
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    Final Post - My attempt at a Maloof style rocker

    Love it! Love rocking chairs and that is a beauty!
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    Need advice on this walnut and cherry

    Bob, I had the same problem, so I bought a table base kit from Osborne wood products and made a top. Worked out great.. it was not cheap but it was exactly what I wanted.
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    Pedestal Table: Delivered---Final Post!

    Donn, that looks great !
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    Table for Raleigh Mayor's Office

    Really, really beautiful Stuart..... thanks!
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    Final Post - My attempt at a Maloof style rocker

    I do love a rocking chair, and that looks great so far. Chairs are hard!
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    Hand Tool Storage Cabinet

    That's really nice, I love the way you doubled it up.
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    Pedestal Table: Completed!! Delivered: Final Post

    Awesome Donn! That is beautiful!
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    Finished My Clock, Hope Grandmother Would Be Proud

    Love it Rob! Really nice!
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    Charlie - Man of the Year!

    Got mine today as well. Bravo Charlie!
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    Pedestal Table: Completed!

    Donn, Looks beautiful! Two questions - how did you cut the corners of the parts you folded under the table - I couldn't see well in the pics but I am guessing they are cut at 45 ? Or did you do each side and fit the two ends? And second how is the top connected to the pedestals.
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    Cross-country moving costs for ww equipment

    We have moved 4 times in the last 20 years, all were done by "professionals". My delta contractor saw has survived all of them, but I take care to prepare it beforehand. Everything that can reasonably disassemble comes off, I always take the fence in my own vehicle, and every cast iron surface...
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    Baby gates

    So just before I got my new job, my neighbor asked if I would make him a couple of baby gates. It's a fun little project, mostly cause I really like doing m&t's - and there are 24 on each of these... He wanted painted ones so these are ready for sanding/scraping and paint. This working full...

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