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  1. dancam

    Charcuterie/Cheese Boards

    See above YouTube video by Matt Cremona. He's making a batch of Charcuterie/Cheese boards.
  2. dancam

    Router Lift FOR SALE

    fit in router tables with a 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" opening
  3. dancam

    Router Lift FOR SALE

    For Sale Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools PRL-V2-420 Precision Router Lift. Lift has been mounted and used gently. It comes with all the available collars and the spring loaded lift wrench. Comes with (1) set of motor pads available for 4.2" diameter motors such as: Porter Cable 7518 /...
  4. dancam

    Need NCWW Pony Express

    Hey Folks, Need some assistance with transport of a PC Dovetail jig w/case. P/U in Asheville or close by with transport to Hickory/Lincolnton area. Package weighs about 40 lbs and would fit easily in trunk or backseat. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dan C.
  5. dancam

    Parts for Stanley 42X

    Here's one on AVL Craigslist.
  6. dancam

    Stanley No 12 1/2 Scraper For Sale

    Selling a Stanley No 12 1/2 Scraper/veneer plane. It is in good condition with no patent date and the only marking is No. 12 1/2 on the toe. The blade is unmarked. It has a rosewood sole plate and the Japanning is about 70-80%. Asking $60.00/OBO plus shipping (estimated to be approx. $10-12) or...
  7. dancam

    Stanley Victor No. 20 Compass - For Sale

    Selling a Stanley Victor No. 20 Compass plane. Condition is good. Japanning is about 50-60% and the sole is clean and smooth. There is no patent date. the only markings are: Stanley on the toe and VICTOR 20 on the adjustment wheel. The blade is sharpened and honed. Asking $100.00/OBO. Plus...
  8. dancam

    Pedestal Table: Completed!! Delivered: Final Post

    Absolutely beautiful....your daughter is a lucky gal. I think it maybe hard to find chairs of like beauty to compliment this table.
  9. dancam

    According to my wife ...

  10. dancam

    Want to buy a Large Jointer

    Here's another one in Asheville.
  11. dancam

    Shaker wall clock pics

    Absolutely beautiful....
  12. dancam

    Anybody near Asheville?

    The ad mentioned is NOT Scroungers Paradise (Mark Olivari). Scroungers Paradise is worth the trip. He's got pallets of good plywood and carries a good selection of hardwood (purple heart, zebra wood, blood wood etc).
  13. dancam

    2nd Pennsylvania spice box

  14. dancam

    Miter Saw Phenolic Saw Inserts

    Bruce, Many thanks to you and Lee Craft for this outstanding offer. I'll take 4 inserts for the DeWalt DW 708 SCMS. Thanks, DanCam
  15. dancam

    Looking for a Planer

    +1 on the DeWalt...and consider and upgrade to a Byrd cutter head. It's a great machine.
  16. dancam

    It's Been a Long Time

    I believe that patlaw (Mike) was voicing a concern and not a complaint. I also understand that things take time to research and also working w/a vendor is frustrating and time consuming. A status update was all that was being asked for. All of the volunteer work to keep this site up and...
  17. dancam

    Big Snow?

    Sitting here in Asheville (@3400') and the snow forecasted to start at 4P started 2hrs ago. Pantry is stocked, propane tank full for generator, plenty of wine and firewood and we have a full Netflix wish list set up. We're decorating the tree and trimming the interior. The dogs will love the...
  18. dancam

    Machining Ipe

    I have machined Ipe with good results. Used carbide tooling with no significant problems. Ipe does produce some very fine splinters and I would be cautious of use for hand utensils. Another caution would be possible toxicity, you may want to research Ipe use for food related use.
  19. dancam

    Request from a Woodworker out west

    It seems to be available from the "Fix" website, see this link.!28left-hand-thread!29-902012009848s/ It is a little pricey @ $22/Plus S&H

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