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  1. Berta

    Nice save!

    What happens when an inlay goes wrong? An unwanted hole and the project is designer firewood. Unless you get creative!
  2. Berta

    Scrollsaw Club Meeting

    The Sunny Scrollers meeting is today, December 1. The Klingspor’s store in Cary will host our monthly meeting from 2 to 4 pm. We are bringing snacks for Christmas!
  3. Berta

    What kind of wood is this?

    I am making more turtle boxes and four this way back in a corner of my shop. I think that it will be an interesting box, but I need to know what type of wood it is to put it on my Etsy. Any guesses?
  4. Berta


    When I opened my email this morning I saw that Steve Good is coming to the Extravaganza! I am beyond excited! We scrollers get an email with a pattern almost every day from him. We do a monthly challenge for the Scroll saw club using his patterns. He will be at the Carolina Scrollers group.
  5. Berta

    Sunny Scrollers challenge DONE

    We have a Scrollsaw club that meets at the Cary Klingspor’s on the first Sunday of every month. It has become our practice to decide on a challenge to be completed before the next meeting. This month it was lettering. I avoid letters. It took me 2 tries but it is complete. My son has loved...
  6. Berta

    Basket Box

    Part of our Scrollsaw challenge this month was to build a box. This is Basket Weave. By Steve Good.
  7. Berta

    Demonstration at Scroll Saw Club tomorrow (Sunday July 7)

    Tomorrow is our monthly Scroll Saw Club Meeting. It is at Klingspor’s in Cary from 2 to 4. I will be bringing the class scroll saw and demonstrating. The title of my demonstration is “Spiral blades how to use them and why would you want to! If you want to come please do!
  8. Berta

    Inspiration Point

    This pattern is from Scroll Saw Patterns and Crafts Magazine 1998. I finally found a proper piece of wood for it.
  9. Berta


    Today is May first! The picnic is on the 18th. Only seventeen more days! We need to buy raffle tickets! We need to decide what we are bringing to the picnic! There will be space for food and for stuff you want to get rid of for sale or for free! LET’S GET MOVING PEOPLE!
  10. Berta

    The one and only What are you Bringing list

    Berta —— Table covers, serving utensils left from previous picnics, name badges. Berta —— No Mayo potato and green bean salad. Bill C — Nanner Puddin’ Raymond —Kidney Bean Salad BWhitney —Cupcakes Junquecol —Two large coolers of ice, Ice Tea, Hot Dogs, Deviled eggs...
  11. Berta

    We are in Ashville, looking forward to tomorrow!

    A chance to meet Izzy Swan and learn to turn on the tablesaw? David Ellsworth Demonstrates turning tool Sharpening. Michele Parsons Turning and Sharpening Demo. Yes please! Door Prizes? Yes Please! $500 Grand Prize? YES! I am really looking forward to this! :cool:
  12. Berta

    Urn Project

    My daughter works at the VA in Durham. She is the gift shop manager. She was at my house while I was getting the flyers, pamphlets and stuff ready for this weekend and she asked about the Urn Project. After I explained what we do, she took some flyers and pamphlets and took them to the director...
  13. Berta

    Spring Picnic Save The Date

    Our Annual meeting and Spring Picnic is May 18. SAVE THE DATE. It will be at Jordan Lake, Seaforth Shelter. There will be the usual assortment of Food, Door Prizes and Fun The Raffle drawing will also be happening. SAVE THE DATE!
  14. Berta

    Tiger portrait.

    Cut in 1/4” yellow heart. 9” x 11”.
  15. Berta

    Calendar of Events (until it is working)

    This is where I will post the upcoming events. This is just an announcement, not a sign up. March 23 Klingspor’s Ashville Store Anniversary Celebration. March 28, 29, 30, 31. The Woodworking Show Charlotte NC April 5, 6. Urn Workshop at Phil’s shop. May 4. Cub Scout Outreach, American Legion...
  16. Berta

    Scroll saw club Cary Meeting

    Our regular club meeting at The Klingspor’s Store in Cary is Sunday March 3 at 2pm. Come join us!
  17. Berta

    Klingspor’s anniversary in Asheville March 23 Volunteers wanted!

    Klingspor’s is having an Anniversary Celebration in Fletcher NC (near Asheville). It is March 23, 9am until 4pm. Who wants to go and play for the day?!
  18. Berta

    The Woodworking Show March 29, 30, 31 CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS!

    We have been accepted into the Woodworking Show in Charlotte! I have some tickets available for all day volunteers. I need volunteers for turning on the lathe, birdhouse assembly, and scroll saw demonstrating. GreyWolf has said he will be there with his hand tool bench. Please sign up to help...
  19. Berta

    Stork inlay practice

    I said I would give this a try. This is just practice people. Not the real deal. This is cut in 1/8” BB. This is the thinnest I have ever tried this. I painted the piece to give contrast. It didn’t finish quite flush. The difference? The thickness of the shelf liner to protect the wood and...
  20. Berta

    Card box with inlay

    Different type of inlay this time. Playing card box. Steve Good design. Epoxy with coffee grounds for the black, and with glitter for the red. Not perfect, but fun.

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