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    Tool of the past or is a radial arm saw awesome?

    Steve, Another issue is that the RAS doesn't seem as intuitive as other machines. For example, you have to turn on the RAS using one hand, then grasp the handle whilst holding the work piece--compared to a miter saw that you turn on with one hand holding the handle while holding the piece...
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    Miter gauge - Recommendations

    I had the same question 2-3 years ago and received similar responses. I was also looking for something basic and couldn’t justify the expense of a fancy aftermarket gauge. I ended up going with a factory delta miter gauge for mine that I bought on eBay for $30. I’ve been happy with it and it...
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    SOLD Rockwell/Delta 9" Table Saw with 4" Jointer - Great Condition!

    To get an idea of pricing, folks might head over to OWWM (you have to join to see ads).
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    Ancient Jointers

    The first one is a craftsman—does it have a fence with it? The second jointer, Sprunger, made some great machines! I have a sprunger bench top drill press that is well engineered and heavy! I’m sure someone could use both of them. If I were closer I would make you offer.
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    220v extension cords

    I noticed the same thing when searching google and was under the impression countries that use 220 must not use extension cords (haha).
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    Foley belsaw

    You’re welcome Ron! I’ll add that if I were to do it over I would buy a larger planer—at least a 15”.
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    Foley belsaw

    It depends on what you consider an upgrade. I have a belsaw 9103 and a delta lunch box planer 22-560 and will make a few observations. I picked up the belsaw several years ago at a decent price. The belsaw is much better at taking heavier stock and planing more in a single pass (currently...
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    Cutting Mortises

    Thanks for all the feedback! Spiral bit is out for hickory, so I’m going to use a combination of drill and straight flute bit. Plan on getting a spiral bit for another future project!
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    Cutting Mortises

    I have a bench top mortiser, but its a bit light duty for cutting mortises into the hickory posts I'm using to build a bunk bed. Instead of using a bench top mortiser, I was thinking of buying a upcut spiral bit to cut mortises with a router. Any recommendations for a good upcut bit that folks...
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    Hickory Bunk Bed

    So far so good. Planer blades were new and are still sharp. I’m using an old glue line blade for ripping that seems to be holding up well. The sander is going to get another workout next weekend due to the planer tear out. I’m way too spoiled by soft lumber—I had to rip some cypress today for...
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    Hickory Bunk Bed

    Donn, Do you happen to remember the following dimensions: distance between floor and bottom bed rail? Distance between bottom mattress top and upper bed rail? Distance between lower and upper rails? I’m laying out dimensions beginning with overall post height of 6’ and distance between floor...
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    Exterior highly durable finish???

    There was an article in FHB several years ago about a clear exterior finish that used untainted deep base paint: It’s paid content, but the link provides the details for the magazine issue (Feb/Mar 2016).
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    Hickory Bunk Bed

    Short rails planed. And filling knots with epoxy: I’m still getting a bit of tear out, even with new planer knives. I tried a light mist of water on the board and a lighter cut without change (two tips I read somewhere). Any other suggestions to avoid tear out with hickory?
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    Hickory Bunk Bed

    Changed out to new blades yesterday during the youngest’s nap time. Long rails were planed and short rails cut. Forgot to take a picture of the planer shavings. Only managed picture of the short rails.
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    Leaking Air Compressor

    Agree with others—find out where it leaks and decide from there. I rebuilt the pump (changed gaskets—$30 and fresh oil) on my older-than-me-compressor in 2016 and it’s been fine since.
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    Grizzly G1019 Band Saw

    Yes the price is high—maybe that local market will support that price, but it just shows folks haven’t bothered to look up the cost of new. I looked for a while before I found my ‘81 Rockwell 14” BS for $160 less than 2 yrs ago. I consider this saw quite the upgrade from my 12” craftsman BS...
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    Dewalt Router Disassembly

    Yes, it’s a 621. The lower assembly was somehow broken prior to my ownership.
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    Hickory Bunk Bed

    Originally I planned to make the bed from curly/figured maple, but 1) I don’t have enough of the curly maple and 2) at the time I only found hard maple for $7.99 bdft. I planned maple because it was part of a mixed lumber deal I found on FB marketplace. I thought about driving up to NC, but...
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    Dewalt Router Disassembly

    It’s back together after two tries! The brass piece (Dewalt calls “insert”) that locks the elevation shaft fooled me. It fell out during disassembly and I couldn’t figure out where it went until the lower and upper housing were put back together. Thankfully the rest of the router was still in...
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    Which one?

    Ed, The 780 is $100 less right now at HD: Might even be able to take ad to Lowe’s and have them price match plus 10% off.

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